Monday, October 29, 2012


suave, debonair, escort and con man with a penchant for travel, fine wine, charming the ladies and doing a runner after fleecing them.

wanted for: several counts of aggravated casanova-ism

goes by the name of: Lewis, Hugh, Lord Archer, the Duke of Swindle, Sir Chancealot, Mario the Lothario etc.

modus operandi: preys on unsuspecting woman and insinuates himself through charm, wit, scintillating conversation and plans to buy pricey foreign real estate in the EU

description: tall, distinguished, greying temples, handsome, well spoken. Approach with caution, he could be carrying a magnum... of champagne.

known haunts: Nick's Bistro, Audrey Roberts house, Deirdre Barlow's lips

last seen: in the club car of a train near Lille (not Lily), France

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of this man, please contact the Weatherfield Police anti-gigolo hotline immediately at 1-800-NORRISCOLE.

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