Friday, December 21, 2012

Tony Gordon It's Friday: the 'O Come all ye punters' edition

please note: this post makes reference to the December 20 episode on CBC

Yes 'Tony Gordon It's Friday' has been noticeably absent over the past two weeks (mea culpa) but it's back today as we head into the yuletide season. And what a week with Peter Barlow's evil twin (i.e. Peter Barlow) making a sudden appearance with a jaunty goatee and his Caribbean queen (Carla). Aye, it's a rum do (accent on the rum if Peter's involved - ed). Let's cast off with the memorable lines of the week: 

Tommy doesn't like Tina's surrogacy:
"You're a test tube with legs"
(yes but a very fit test tube)

Tina explains her pregnancy to the crowd in the Rovers:
"I'm a surrogate mom"
(kind of like what Tracy was after Amy was born)

Beth tries to explain the concept of surrogacy:
"Like a job share"
(except with breastfeeding)

David is frustrated by Kylie's lack of procreative enthusiasm:
"It takes two to make a baby"
(more if Kylie's on the pill)

Stella tries to calm Tina down:
"Go home and take the weight off your gob"
(yes, shouting the odds can be tiring)

Rita likes the fact that Dennis is a school crossing guard:
"I love a man in uniform"
(...and a job)

Steve's taxi is being held up by Dennis at the school crossing:
"I gave you your lollipop back"
(and now it's Dennis' turn to give you stick)

Dennis taunts Steve at the school corssing:
"Go ahead make my day"
(he's like Clint Eastwood in yellow)

Streetcars' motto:
"The customer is always wrong"

Lloyd describes Steve as...
"The Obi-Wan Kenobi of small mindedness"
(a real plank Steve is)

Leanne realizes what she's about to do:
"I'm getting married in America"
(and what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas... unless Norris gets wind)

Peter Barlow is back and better than ever:.
"I feel like I'm born again"
(This time around try to stay off the booze)

Kylie tells Tommy she'll kill David for spending the night at Tina's flat:
"What's daft about cold blooded murder?"
(ask Tracy Barlow)


Well, faithful followers, that's it for another week on the street. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and restful holiday.. Thanks for stopping by and spending time at Blanche's Polish Hip. All the best and cheers!

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