Wednesday, January 2, 2013

On the Ninth Day of Corrie Christmas

On the Ninth Day of Corrie Christmas, my true love gave to me...

... Nine months of stroppy surrogacy

Yes, that's right, my fellow Corrie watchers. We will have to endure nine excruciating months of Tina McIntyre's long and stroppy surrogacy as Gary, Izzy, Owen, Anna and a cast of thousands watch anxiously, awaiting the birth of a new Windass.

It's going to be all gestation, anticipation, frustration and aggravation (I'm talking about me) for nine long months. I'm not anti-natal, but I'm not sure I can take it. Call the midwife because this is going to be one long story line.

Tomorrow: On the Tenth Day of Corrie

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