Friday, February 15, 2013

Tony Gordon It's Friday: the Lewis Archer DVD edition

please note this post makes reference to the February 14 episode on CBC

Welcome to this week's TGIF, or Tony Gordon It's Friday, our weekly round up of memorable lines. I know I missed some this week because of technical difficulties, so please bear with me:

Lewis disputes David's characterization of his profession:
"I'm no longer a gigolo"
(check his LinkedIn page)

Audrey to Gail about Lewis' proclivities:
"He was born to seduce"
(wasn't that a Steppenwolf song?)

Tracy dismisses counselling from Peter Barlow:
"Like I'm going to take relationship advice from a bigamist"
(It just means he has twice as much advice to give)

Rob shows off is oenophile smarts to Tracy:
"I know that red wine is red"
(but what about the white wine?)

Rob complains about Kirk:
"If he were an X-Man, he'd be logjam"
(His special power is getting lost during deliveries)

and now, a special bonus pack from the Lewis DVD episode:

Lewis to Gail via DVD:
"Did you seriously think I could ever love you?" 
(well, yes)

Lewis to Audrey via DVD:
"You did what no other woman ever could"
(paid off one of my scam victims?)

Lewis to Kylie via DVD:
"You could do a good deal better than that weasel of a husband"
(just a minute, who are you calling a husband?)

Lewis to Gail via DVD:
"Chi cento ne fa, una ne aspetti"
(what goes around comes around)

Gail reacts to Lewis' devastating DVD:
"I thought this was my fairy tale ending"
(only if the fairy tale is 'Titanic')

David is appalled by Gail's plan to run away with Lewis:
"I'm sure you'd have lived happily ever after with Prince Smarmy"
(Could be Lewis' real name)

Gail's summarizes her plight:
"He's broken me heart and ground it into the floor with his built-up shoe" 
(he made short work of it)

David is shocked to learn that Lewis and Gail never consummated their affair:
"What? He diddled you out of 40 grand and you never got to sample the goods?"
(What's the world coming to?)

David hands over the incriminating DVD to the police:
"That disc should give them a good laugh down at the station"
(almost as many chuckles as Benny Hill on Blue Ray)


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