Tuesday, March 19, 2013

So you want to work at Coronation Street's kebab shop?

please note this post makes reference to the March 18 episode on CBC

Do you have what it takes to work at the Prima Doner kebab shop? Oh sure, you think you've got the raw qualifications: unemployed, desperate, won't settle for less than minimum wage. But there's more to it than that.

Take a stroll through the Kebab Hall of Fame (in the shed behind the corner shop - ed) and gaze upon the greatest talents to ever squirt hot sauce into a pita: Darryl, Tina, Amber, Minnie, Tracy, Cheryl, Teresa Morton (how did Teresa make the list?- ed)

First, you've got to be hot. At least it seems to help. Just look at Ryan and Katy. It's like two models from H&M just parachuted into Weatherfield. Then, there's what Dev likes to call your 'Kebab IQ'.  You must answer a series of questions like:

Q: According to Ryan, what are the three types of Prima Doner kebab?
A: Before smooching, during smooching and after smooching.

Q: How much meat do you put in a kebab?
A: Wait, there's meat in the kebabs?

Q: What's the most important part of working for Dev?
A: Lying.

Q: What's the Prima Doner policy regarding staff romances?
A:  Not in front of the punters.

Congratulations, you're hired!


  1. Thought you might want to see this article about "Ken Barlow": http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2295588/Bill-Roache-Coronation-Street-actor-apologises-making-astonishing-claims-sex-abuse-victims-bring-themselves.html

  2. Thanks for the comment and the link. I think Ken (Bill Roache) was also on the radio recently trying to telepathically communicate with a pet (but I could be wrong about all or part of that). Best regards, Corrie