Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tony Gordon, It's Sunday? - the powdered eggs & spam edition

no spoilers were used in the preparation of this post

Apologies to all. It seems that technical difficulties delayed this edition of Tony Gordon It's Friday. Our phalanx of state-of-the-art recording devices at the Hip HQ Complex (and petting zoo - ed) were on the blink and failed to record Tuesday and Wednesday episodes. Our tech intern, Luke Skivewalker, couldn't figure out the problem (not enough wax on the cylinders? - ed) but we seem to be operating normally again. Meanwhile I spent a relaxing morning getting caught up via the Sunday omnibus episode. Now, two pots of tea and a packet of digestives later, I can recount a few of the memorable lines of the week in this award-free edition of TGIF. Phew!

Dev tells Sophie that he can't get back together with Sunita:
"I can only take so much humiliation"
(you're doing pretty well so far)

Sally insists to Sophie and Jenna that she is heterosexual:
"I also thought Chris Evert Lloyd was very attractive, doesn't make me a lesbian"
(Actually, you'll have to get a ruling from Wimbledon on that)

Eileen considers her wedding attire options:
"I was considering a pant suit" 
(Hilary Clinton would approve) 

Sally insists that Paul is not Gail's type:
"He's too normal for you"
(yes, better stick with the nutters)

Eileen tries to convince Lloyd and Steve to be in the Full Monty show:
"Where can I find two red blooded males who've got what every man should have and aren't shy of showing it off"
(not at Streetcars)

Eileen uses psychology on Lloyd:
"Will you put on a fireman's uniform, jig about and take it all off for charity?"
(Is Viagra blue?)

Izzy figures out that Ryan is the reason why Katy is working at Prima Doner
"No wonder you were so keen to work in a kebab shop"
(I always thought it was the condiments)

Eileen to Nick regrading the Full Monty Show:
"Be in our show Nick, you'd only have a little part"
(ahem, I believe there are no big parts in this particular show)

Eileen to Jason:
"How do you fancy dressing up in a fireman's uniform, dancing around a bit and then whipping it off"
(sure and if there's a charitable cause involved, so much the better)

On 'candle night' at the Rovers, Sylvia expresses her dislike of war memories:
"I don't like nostalgia. The war was all powdered eggs and spam"
(It was not cooking's finest hour)

Eileen once again:
"We've managed to find some men with bulges in all the right places"
(but the doctor says they can be cured)

Peter Barlow suggests his dad as a candidate for the Full Monty show:
"Kenneth Barlow gyrating in his Y Fronts"
(It would be a brief appearance)

Beth tries to convince Dr. Carter to join the Full Monty cast:
"Hey, Dr Carter, we've got a proposition for you"
(...and we'd also like you to be in the charity show) 


Well, fellow lovers of Corrie, that's it for another week. Poor Chesney. I always felt he should have stayed in school and gone to uni, instead of selling tacky stuff at the market. Oh well. Hope you have a great weekend and I'll meet you here next week for more of the Hip. Cheers!

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