Friday, April 5, 2013

Tony Gordon It's Friday: The One O'Clock Club Edition

please note: this post makes reference to the April 4 episode on CBC

The aftermath of the Rovers' fire continues to affect the residents of Coronation Street. Jason is under suspicion. Dev is distressed by Sunita's dire condition. Stella is recovering and asking for Karl. Karl is stirring the pot. Paul is distraught by the death of Toni. Kirsty is losing it. Roy and Hayley would like Sylvia to join the One O'Clock club. Let's take a quick look at some of the week's memorable lines in a regular feature called Tony Gordon It's Friday or TGIF:  

Brian is not keen on Julie accepting to look after baby Ruby for the night:
"I'm a Super Head  and I need my sleep"
(does the job come with a Super Hat?)

Toni tells the male strippers that their equipment will be sufficient to cover their 'equipment':
"Your helmets should be more than big enough"
(as the song says, "you can keep your hat on")

Tina tries to convince Julie about Kirsty's true nature:
"She's a dangerous and manipulative bully"
(and those are her good points)

Gloria is grateful for Karl's heroics in rescuing Stella:
"I know that somehow you'll get your reward"
(a lower bunk in the John Stape Wing of the prison?)

Sylvia tells Roy and Hayley that she wants to keep working - like one of Britain's famous PMs:
"Do you remember Margaret Thatcher in 1990?"
(Her handbag is etched in my memory)

Sylvia shows disdain for the local Senior's get together:
"The One O'Clock Club is where old folk go to die"
(like Valhalla for pensioners)

Sylvia again:
"I'm not ready to sit in an overheated room with soft-headed blue rinsers"
(sounds like a scene from 'Avatar')

Sylvia is finally persuaded to attend the senior's whist drive:
"With my card skills I should be able to separate some of the old dears from their pensions"
(that's the spirit)

Jason is irritated by Norris:
"You spread any more rumours about me and I'll give you a fat lip"
(you wouldn't hit a man with glasses and a sweater vest, would you?)


Well, fellow gourmet TV watchers, another week of Corrie passes and the Street recovers from another tragedy. Let's hope we see justice for Jason and for Tyrone. Let's hope Karl and Kirsty get their just desserts. And let's hope that Weatherfield General works its patented magic on Sunita. Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by. Cheers!

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