Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Earth to Stella Price: wake up!

please note this post makes reference to the May 21 episode on CBC

If you've heard the expression, "re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic", then you'll know the following about Stella Price and her problems:
1. Karl is the Titanic
2. No-one is even bothering to rearrange the decks chairs because they're too busy swigging Prosecco
3. They've already hit the iceberg and its name is Owen

Let's review Stella's precarious situation. She has no insurance money to pay for the Rovers renovation. She owes Owen £10,000 or thereabouts. Her mother is spending cash like a Kardashian. Her daughter is spending money like a Kardashian in Ibiza. Her other daughter is giving her the cold shoulder. She's living in Kevin's house because she has no home.

So what does she decide to do?

Well, when the going gets tough, the tough get... married.  Okay, okay even the financially leveraged need a little love. But getting married to Karl? Better call Chris Hadfield because Stella is clearly living in outer space. You remember Karl: gambler, serial philanderer, skiver extraordinaire, money spender, vandal, liar, two timer and, oh yes, killer and arsonist. (and those are his good points - ed).

Yes, we know that Karl saved Stella's life (after nearly ending it - ed) and we know that he was a human shield when Owen was swinging a crowbar ('human shield' is one of Karl's best skills according to LinkedIn - ed). But still. Come on Stella, you dumped Jason for this guy! Get a grip... before it's too late.

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