Thursday, May 16, 2013

Rob Donovan: Coronation Street's re-branding genius

please note this post makes reference to the May 16 episode on CBC

Now that Rob,Senior Development Consultant, has worked his magic at Peter Barlow's House of Grotty Bets (aka Barlow's Bookies), I'm anxious to find out what he could do to add a little pizzazz to some of the other venerable commercial establishments in the Street. Let's imagine:

Rob's plan to re-brand The Kabin:
- free coffee
- replace Norris with 'virtual' Norris, an annoying hologram
- Point of Sale software (no, that doesn't mean Norris' sweater vest)
- dentist discount for volume purchases of humbugs and liquorice allsorts
- newspaper delivery boys fired and replaced by iPads with 24/7 access to Ken's columns about municipal concrete in the Weatherfield Gazette

Rob's Plan to re-brand Roy's Rolls
- free coffee
- replace Sylvia with a 3D Darth Vader laser show (will the punters notice the difference?)
- Point of Sale software (no, that doesn't mean Roy's cardigans)
- Save money by making the sticky buns less sticky
- digital HDTV for Roy's favourite train videos
- new sign out front which simply says: 'iRolls'

Rob's Plan to re-brand The Bistro
- free coffee
- floating sushi bar staffed by Crazy Mary
- Point of Sale software (no that doesn't mean Nick's brain)
- Flash new sign outside: 'Nix Biztro'
- massive aquarium behind the bar (could be a very wet bar if built by Owen)
- downsize staff (Nick & Leanne) and replace with more personable Japanese robots

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