Friday, September 27, 2013

Coronation Street TGIF: the 'she didn't start the fire' edition

please note this post makes reference to the September 26 episode on CBC

After the dust settles and Karl is finally placed under arrest, I can only ask one question.

What's up with Dev?

Detective Jason unravels the mystery; they now know Karl did it and they have proof. All Dev has to do is confront the evil Karl. He could do it at the wedding ceremony... but he just stands there like he's waiting for an hors d'oeuvre and a glass of Proseco. No matter, he'll have it out with Karl at the reception in the Bistro. But no... Dev doesn't want to spoil the party or maybe he wants to get out before Tez's speech. Oh well, I guess he'll have to do it at the Rovers. Finally. But wait, first he'll ask Karl for a drink.  Then, before you can say Glenfiddich, Karl's conks him on the head with a bottle of Cuvee Headcase '95.

Oh well, less mithering, more quotes from the week that was:

Jason scans Tommy's photos for evidence of Karl at the 'Full Monty' night:
"I think that's Karl's arm"
(Geez, I hope to God it's an arm)

Leanne seems to have forsaken personal visits to the hospital:
"I'm just calling to see how Nick Tilsley's doing"
(text me if what's his name comes out of the coma)

Gloria gives Stella a pep talk before the wedding:
"Karl's a very lucky man"
(yes, apparently he's getting a cell all to himself)

Karl gets up close and personal with Stella:
"I've made a lot of mistakes in my time"
(gambling? arson? murder? adultery? fraud? satellite TV in the Rovers?)

Dev to Karl re: torching the Rovers:
"Must have been hard to burn it down"
(not really, he looked it up on Google)

Stella is shocked by Karl's confession:
"What have you done Karl?"
(how long have you got?)

Stella again to Karl
"You started the fire?"
(well it sure as hell wasn't Billy Joel)

Jason is frustrated by police inaction:
"I was right about this head case six months ago"
(He wasn't voted Mr. Gay Weatherfield for nothing)

Stella disavows her vows:
"There is no marriage, there's only lies"
(and let's not forget Gail's cake)

Tez's best man speech doesn't go down well:
"A good woman is like a well worn biker jacket"
(the property of Hell's Angels?)

Tez's poetic description of Eva:
"Like a dead heat in a zeppelin race"
(well, the speech is certainly going over like the Hindenburg)

The police finally catch up with the real killer:
"Karl Munro, I'm arresting you"
(what took you so long?)


Well, follow Corriephiles, what a week! A wedding, a kidnapping, an arrest and a wet dog. What more could you ask for?  Hope you enjoyed all the action and I'm so pleased you dropped by to read my feverish ramblings. Thanks also for the erudite comments. Have a great weekend and enjoy the omnibus edition. Cheers!

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