Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Coronation Street Investigation (CSI): Karl Munro

please note this post makes reference to the Sept 23 episode on CBC

Bravo Detective Jason Grimshaw! (formerly Mr. Gay Weatherfield - ed). Your amateur sleuthing skills are getting results and we are getting closer to knowing the truth about the Rovers fire. The key is Karl's alibi. Yes, he was stripping off his kit that fateful night during the 'Full Monty' show at the Bistro. But we need more details dammit! We have to establish a minute-by-minute timeline starting with Karl's striptease routine.  My memory is hazy but I think it went something like this:

7:13 p.m:  Karl is introduced as 'a naughty schoolboy' and takes the stage
7:14 p.m.: undoes shirt, does sexy strut across stage & pole spin
7:15 p.m.: does spread eagle, gives the 'look' for the front row
7:16 p.m:  slow walk, suggestive pout, shirt removed
7:17 p.m.: fast walk with hair toss
7:18 p.m:  lascivious hairy chest rub with hands (first clockwise, then counter-clockwise)
7:19 p.m.: pants off, flung into perverts' row, bends over and looks at crowd from between his legs
7:20 p.m: upside down pole spin and exits stage
7:21 p.m.: legs it through Bistro office window



  1. Karl was the reckless cabbie. Remember the seductive removal and toss of the cap? The whole "performance" took nowhere near as long as you've indicated. I'd have lost my dinner if it took that long, As it was, the gagging was painful. The next performers were, sadly, no better. And "pole"? "We don't need no stinkin' pole!" (The fire department budget didn't extend to props, and they couldn't remove the one in the firehall from its permanent location.)

    1. By Jove, your recollection is far superior to mine (I guess I just tried to blot it out of my mind, like one would with any horrible trauma). Thanks for bringing it all back so accurately... and vividly.