Saturday, November 2, 2013

Coronation Street TGIF: The Flirty Look edition

please note this post makes reference to the October 31 episode on CBC

Well, we've had a bit of everything this week, haven't we? Liz Macdonald, a wild Platt-a-thon, a disrupted baptism, a pawned ring, a fortune teller, ballroom dancing in Blackpool, Roy's feet in cold water... and a debate about assisted suicide. And all that in just five days. Are there any memorable lines? You bet.

Roy reviews his detailed Blackpool itinerary with Hailey:
"I have scheduled spontaneity"
(It will be at 4:15 p.m.and last exactly 15 minutes)

Roy's caustic appraisal of the Blackpool arcade:
"A cacophonous temple to greed and blood lust"
(...although it could also refer to an NHL hockey arena)

Roy to Hailey again:
"If hell has a waiting room I imagine it's not unlike this"
(actually there's no waiting in Hell; they're very customer-centric)

Sally is affronted by the fact that Mary is eating an apple during Lily's baptism:
"What sort of a person brings an apple to a christening?"
(a hungry person?)

Kylie finally knows the truth about David's campaign of terror against Nick:
"You're a flaming nut job"
(yes but he's great with the kids)

Vicar at Lily's christening to the godparents:
"Do you reject the devil?"
(Oh yes. They never want to see David again)

Any more questions, vicar?
"Do you renounce deceit and corruption and evil?"
(hmm, can they get back to you on that one?)

Leanne finally clues into the truth of Nick and Kylie:
"Have you two had some kind of affair?"
(Duh, do hotpots give you indigestion?)

Mary expresses concern to Norris about the disrupted christening:
"Do you all of think this will impact on the buffet arrangements?"
(Let's just say that I think that shrimp boat has sailed)

Liz fends off Barry's amourous advances:
"Save your blarney for your wife"
(Somehow I don't think she's interested either)

Barry tells Michelle and Steve where he's going:
"The Flying Arms"
(Seems the Weatherfield Arms and the Flying Horse have merged to form a SuperPub)

Gloria gives Nick his marching orders:
"Sling your hook Hopalong, you're not wanted"
(that's not a hook, it's a mobility aid)

Hailey to Roy during their vacation:
"This is Blackpool Roy, anything is possible"
(but mostly inflated prices and cold tea)

Roy summarizes his dancing lesson:
"Performing the foxtrot with Norris was one of the strangest experiences of my life"
(just wait till you do the waltz with Dennis Tanner)

Barry explains that his dalliance was very innocent and minor:
"No more than a flirty look"
(if by flirty look, you mean quick legover, then I agree)

Audrey has reached the end of her patience with David:
"You've gone too far this time"
(Yes, that perm you gave Mrs. Finley looks awful)

Phew! what a week and too many memorable lines for one lowly Corrie addict to wade through. So what now? I guess it's onward and upward at the Platt family manor. How they will ever recover from the latest dysfunctional family festival I really don't know. And how much longer can David keep wandering through the parks of Weatherfield? Only time will tell. Good to see that Rob & Tracy are finally getting some business at the pawn shop -- too bad it has to involve Rita's treasured ring. Anyhoo, great to have you visit and I'll meet you here again next week. Cheers!


  1. I've been trying to picture the logo on the sign for the "Flying Arms" ever since Barry made that slip.
    Is it just me or have the one-liners improved lately?

    1. Hi and thanks for the comment. I think you're right about the one-liners but I find it depends a lot on who's featured in the story lines for the week. With characters like Liz, Tracy etc in the spotlight, you can usually expect a bumper crop. All the best!