Saturday, November 23, 2013

Coronation Street TGIF: the male buttocks edition

please note this post makes reference to the Nov 21 episode on CBC

Packing boxes at Underworld? Puhlease, I'm Todd Grimshaw, high powered, gay London lawyer. I don't pack boxes, I sue the guy who packs boxes. Okay, so I borrowed money from my mom and I'm staying at hers for a while but it's only until I land a senior management position at that prestigious Weatherfield law firm: Slingya, Hook & Bard, you know the place down by the viaduct.

But that's enough about Todd, let's cut to the chase with a few choice lines from last week.

Julie offers creative wedding outfit suggestions to Carla:
"I had a friend who got married in a poncho"
(was it Clint Eastwood?)

Julie finally gets to meet Eileen's other son:
"You must be the elusive Todd"
(his ex-boyfriends seek him here, his ex-boyfriends seek him there)

Steve's efforts in helping Amy with her Armistice project are wasted:
"I spent flippin' ages cutting out pictures of Hitler"
(assuming they were, in fact, pictures of Hitler - and not Charlie Chaplin)

According to Sean, Todd's return is big news on Coronation Street
"You're practically trending on Twitter" 
(right after the Kardashians)

Sean has an inkling about Todd's ex, who happens to be in the Rovers:
"My gaydar is never wrong"
(Who needs a GPS?)

Sally tells Sophie about her preferred colour:
"I love turquase"
(personally I prefer narvy blue)

Sean tells Alex that chatting up Jason is a waste of time:
"You're not only barking up the wrong tree, you're in wrong forest, cock"
(try the forest next door with the exposed brick, antiques and hardwood floors)

Sally introduces Faye and Grace to her favourite film:
"Dirty Dancing: it's the best movie ever"
(Two bums up!)

But then she has second thoughts:
"I'm not sure you're ready for male buttocks"
(come back in two hours...)

Well, I don't know about you, but I'm very happy to see Steve returning to school so he can learn how to distinguish World War I from World War II (hint: Hitler belongs in World War II - ed). Elsewhere, the demon seed (aka Grace) continues to cause mayhem and Todd seems to be a skiving lawyer with no money and delusions of grandeur. 

Even Nick won't forgive Todd for: trying to snog him, having a relationship with Sarah Louise under false pretenses, having a baby with her and then skipping town to go to Uni. Come on, Nick! It was just a little misunderstanding. Could have happened to anyone. Plus, it was a different Nick. Ah well, let's see what happens next week. Thanks for stopping by and all the best. Cheers!


  1. I'll say it again...your blog is brilliant! Makes me laugh every time, plus you're spot on in your Corrie knowledge (or maybe those kudos belong to the editor - ed).

    1. Thanks very much for the comment and the kind words. (I'll pass along the kudos to 'the editor' too) .
      Cheers and all the best!