Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The return of the prodigal is never good news on Coronation Street

please note this post makes reference to the November 18 episode on CBC

So Todd Grimshaw is back. Eileen's cherished son left Coronation Street to pursue a promising future in London. He would be educated and have a career, escaping the cycle of dead-end jobs and limited opportunities in Weatherfield (like kebab shop manager? - ed).

It's a nice idea but, on Coronation Street,  it never seems to work out that way. Todd seems to be hiding something, something bad. It looks like things didn't work out in London and his frantic boyfriend reports that high achieving Todd is in fact a liar and a skiver!

As I say, this seems to be the rule not the exception. Remember Amber? A smart young woman, she left Weatherfield to pursue studies at Uni. Except she returned to Weatherfield after she was turfed out of Uni much to Dev's shock and disappointment.

Another example? Look no further than Ryan (Michelle's son). Sent off to pursue studies in music, he returns as a different person (literally! - ed). His interest in music has been sidetracked by a profound affinity for narcotics and skiving. (Thank goodness for the kebab shop - ed)

Of course, it would be nice to see a young person leave the Street and become successful --but if that were the case, I guess we would never hear from them again. At least this way we get to discover all the gory details behind Todd's mysterious return to the Street. I can hardly wait. 

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