Wednesday, November 27, 2013

5 things you need to know about working the switch at Streetcars

please note this post makes reference to the Nov 27 episode on CBC

Nice to see Todd settling in as Streetcars’ newest recruit (a worthy successor to Ryan and his illustrious six-hour career). But does Todd have the right stuff to make it on the switch? With apologies to Lloyd, here are the five things you need to know about the switch.

1. The switch is located on the inside of the Streetcars office (not outside as Ryan thought)

2. If you forget to ask for vital customer pickup information, just send all taxis to the airport. Chances are someone out there needs a cab.

3. No one has ever actually seen Fat Brenda but she has a regular shift and is quite capable of killing you.

4. Steve and Lloyd own Streetcars so try to wake up when they come into the office

5. Vanilla slices and chocolate ├ęclairs must be consumed on site and Senior Switch Vice President Eileen Grimshaw retains first right of refusal.

Good luck, Todd!

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