Saturday, December 14, 2013

Coronation Street TGIF: the Barlow bigamy option editon

please note this post makes reference to the December 12 episode on CBC

Could Peter Barlow be considering bigamy 2.0?  He did it before when he married a florist and a barmaid (Lucy and Shelley). That didn't work out so well as I recall. Still, it's an option isn't it? You see, Peter 'babe magnet' Barlow has this problem. He's supposed to marry Carla (foxy & rich) but he's got this thing for Tina (good with Simon & fit). What's a man to do? Of course the bigamy logistics alone are a flippin' nightmare. You know the routine: breakfast with Tina, work with Carla, footie with Tina, tea with Carla etc. etc. And the costs! Two apartments. Two pairs of pyjamas. Two toothbrushes. Two sets of lies. It's exhausting. Anyhoo, on with some lines from the week:

Carla talks about Hayley:
"A woman's like a tea bag. You don't know how strong she is until she's in hot water"
(but you do have to wait 5 minutes)

Anna tires of Sally's constant comments about the Faye sitaution
"You are starting to bug me"
(join the club)

What was Steve looking at on the Internet?
"A full page of otters that look like John Lennon"
(Attaboy Steve, keeping striving for academic excellence)

Tim confesses to Sally his shortcomings as a father:
"I come from a long line of rubbish dads"
(glad to see you're keeping the tradition alive)

Roy promises Hayley that he will be cheerful at her funeral:
"My eyes might smile but my heart will weep"

Liz tells Tina that Peter is flirting with her: 
"He's all over you like eczema"
(only more difficult to get rid of)

Liz issues another warning to Tina:
"You're playing with fire"
(but mostly cigarettes) 

Steve shares a college joke with Michelle and Liz:
"What was Anne Boleyn's brother called? Ten pin."
(I still don't get it)

Carla admits her shortcomings to Michelle:
"I know I'm a controlling cow"
(don't forget to include that when you write your own vows)

Kirk takes Peter for a stroll down memory lane during his stag do:
"Do you remember when you married those two birds at the same time?"
(hmm, no doesn't ring a bell. Can you be more specific?)

Well, Corriephiles of Canada, so ends another week. Steve is up to funny business and Michelle is on to him. But who is this mysterious Andrea?  Roy and Hayley continue on their painful path preparing for the end. Carla loves her wedding dress. The 'Simon bullying' fallout continues. Beth and Kirk have made up and Peter and Tina have reserved a romantic place for two... in the Rover's mens room. Can the upcoming wedding be anything but great? Thanks for stopping by and have a great week. Cheers!

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