Monday, March 31, 2014

A Coronation Street challenge to George Stroumboulopoulos

please note no spoilers were used in the preparation of this post

Canadian Corrie fans know that the 'lead in' show for weeknight episodes of Corrie is 'George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight' (GST for short, and almost as popular as that other GST). Some of you may only watch the last few minutes of the Stroumbo show while you get comfortable, make yourself a G&T and nibble on some chocolate digestives.

Anyhoo, here's the thing: ol' Georgio definitely gives off an 'I love Corrie' vibe and warmly refers to the show as if he were a genuine (non-ironic) fan. Could that be true? Could George be a bona fide aficionado of the show or is he just trying to ingratiate himself with Corrie's 700,000 faithful viewers?

There's only one way to find out (torture? - ed).  I hereby challenge George Mark Paul Ringo Stroumboulopoulos to a head-to-head Coronation Street quiz. That's right, a 'throw-down showdown'. A Grudge Match. A UFC (Ultimate Fighting Corrie) championship. If Strombo's a true fan. let him prove he knows the difference between the Red Rec and the Rovers Return.

Anytime. Any place. Any format (except essay questions - ed).

Am I the right person to take this on? Of course not. There are many other Canadian Corrie fans out there with much better 'Street' Cred (Corrie Canuck's John & Mare, Bluenose Corrie Blogger's Tvor & Tiddsmom and Canada's number one fan, Deborah - to name but a few). But I've got time on my hands, a '95 Corolla with a full tank of gas and a Google Map of Toronto. I invite all readers to spread the word to Strombo's people and then have his people contact my people. And, by people, I mean me.

Just name the time and place and, if I'm not busy feeding the neighbour's cat, it's ON.

Before Stroumbo shuffles off to his new job as heir apparent (hair apparent? - ed) at Hockey Night in Canada let him prove his Coronation Street Cred -- or is Canada's 'boyfriend' afraid to make a commitment?

C'mon George, let's do this thing. Oh, and one other thing:. You're going down, Strombo (if that's your real name).

(Actually it's not - ed).

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  1. this would be an amazing show on GST