Sunday, March 30, 2014

Coronation Street TGIF: the flaming vodka edition

please note this post makes reference to the March 28 episode on CBC

Will Carla find out about Tina & Peter?  Will Peter find out about the Carla & the baby? Will Maria find out about Marcus & Todd? Will Sally find out about Sophie & Maddie? Will members of Kal's gym really get the first month free? Will Liz keep wearing that coat or give it back to lion safari shop? Will I stop asking questions and get on with it?

Here goes:

Sally is not receptive to the idea of Maddie staying at Chez Webster:
"I will not have vagrants living here"
(except for Tim, of course)

Tina doesn't get a reply from Peter to her "I love you":
"You left me dangling"
(better get used to it - it's one of his best things)

Carla speaks frankly to Michelle:
"I don't want kids"
(well, you better tell Peter... and Tina too while you're at it)

Tina to Peter regarding the use of the word 'us' to describe their relationship:
"It's a very small word"
(that's why Peter prefers 'bit on the side') 

Stef gives Tina some advice:
"Every married man comes with complications"
(Peter comes with a Wikipedia full of them)

Julie's idea for a fundraising activity in Hayley's honour:
"Silent sew"
(or, what about 'knicker till you're knackered'?)

Maddie gives back the bottle she tried to steal from Dev:
"Keep your flaming vodka, granddad"
(That's MR Granddad, young lady)

Steve advises Liz about Tony:
"Ditch the bad boys"
(And the opposite of bad boys would be... Norris Cole?)

Liz to Eileen:
"Jealously at your age is very unattractive"
(almost as unattractive as fighting over Tony)


Well that's it for another week on the Street. Lots of secrets but I think something's missing. The stories seems to have lost momentum... or maybe it's just me. Anyhoo, we'll see what happens next week. Cheers and have a great week (perhaps Spring will arrive before the hockey playoffs end).

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