Saturday, March 8, 2014

Coronation Street TGIF: the Dennis the Menace edition

please note this post makes reference to the March 7 episode on CBC

Men! The cause of all problems on Coronation Street.  There's Pat Phelan trying it on with Anna. Peter Barlow doing his quasi-bigamy act with Tina and Carla. Todd luring Marcus away from the straight and narrow with Maria. Big man Tony screwing up Jason's contracting business. And, last bit not least, Dennis who dumps Rita to run off with Gloria in a red sports car. Good grief!

Cue the memorable lines from last week:

Tina realizes that Peter enjoys the thrill of a secret affair:
"You get off on this don't you?"
(I'm afraid you'll have to be more specific)

Peter to Tina:
"I'm the international man of mystery"
(but he's mostly in Weatherfield)

Emily confides her opinion to Rita:
"Dennis isn't the brightest man in the world"
(That's like saying Caligula was a little eccentric)

Tracy has a great idea for a Victorian costume for Steve:
"I suggested the elephant man"
(well, he is a hard tusk-master)

Gloria greets Rita at the Bistro:
"I'm afraid I don't serve Horlicks"
(and I bet they're all out of Metamucil too) 

Tracy gets an eyeful of Steve's Victorian costume:
"Why are you dressed like a pimp?"
(didn't everybody dress like a pimp in those days?)

Stella to Rita re: Gloria:
"When it comes to men she can be ruthless"
(Handbags at twenty paces)

Gail ponders the idea of joining Gloria in her automotive escapade:
"We could be like Thelma and Louise"
(More like Steven and Chris) 


Well, connoisseurs of Corrie, another week goes by and there's only one happy person on the Street: Peter Barlow. And that won't last once Carla finds out what's going on. Oh well, at least Roy is back safe and sound. Have a great weekend and meet you here next week. Cheers!  

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