Friday, September 5, 2014

Message to Coronation Street producers: Less Gail, More Eccles

please note: this post makes reference to the Sept 4 episode on CBC

Believe it or not, Corrie executive producers don't consult with me about story lines (we believe it - ed). Nevertheless I'm fairly sure they track this blog for signs of intelligent life (that's a long shot - ed), so let me publicly state that I would like to see more story lines featuring Eccles Barlow (Hunt) and fewer stories featuring the constant mithering™ and abysmal dating choices of Gail McIntyre (Platt).

This week was a cruel teaser for a potentially exciting Eccles story. The dog escaped (thanks, Amy Barlow) and was missing for a terrifying five minutes (just like Liam Neeson's daughter in 'TAKEN'). She was found by Maddie several minutes later and rushed to the vet in Carla's flash motor -- her smelly dog oils (Eccles, not Carla) contaminating the luxurious leather interior. Not to worry though, Eccles was fine. End of.

That's it?  Come on. Let's get creative. What exactly happened to Eccles? Was it the same car that hit Graham Proctor? Was David at the wheel? (I wouldn't put it past him). And what happened with the vet? Was he a hunky medic like Dr. Carter? And why a blue cone around Eccles neck? Is the blue cone some kind of clue in the murder of Tina? Sadly, none of these titillating tidbits were developed.

If I were Eccles, I'd seriously think about leaving the show for Eastenders (I hear they serve better kibble anyway).


  1. the blue cone...definitely a designer cone as all the ones we see in this area are huge and plastic...this one was designed by the corrie costume department!

    1. Thanks for the comment. I guess you're right and a blue designer cone would definitely add a little colour to the otherwise drab Barlow residence. All the best!