Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ken Barlow's handy Welsh-English phrase book

please note this post makes reference to the Sept 1 episode on CBC

The vacation may be over but still, you have to admire Ken for taking the time to learn a couple of phrases in Welsh. But surely two sentences aren't enough? How about a few more:

Yr wyf yn llysieuwr... I'm a vegetarian

Mae fy mab yn cael ei gyhuddo o lofruddiaeth.... My son is accused of murder

A fyddech yn hoffi gweld fy nofel heb ei chyhoeddi?... Would you like to see my unpublished novel?

Yn ddiweddar, ymwelais Canada... I recently visited Canada

Ideoleg ceidwadol Neo yn tanseilio gwead ein cymdeithas...  Neo conservative ideology is undermining the fabric of our society

Mae fy ngwraig yn ysmygu llawer... My wife smokes a lot

A fyddech chi'n hoffi prynu carafán?... Would you like to buy a caravan?

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