Thursday, October 2, 2014

Coronation Street comparison: Mary vs Julie

please note this post makes reference to the October 1 episode on CBC

It seems that Dev's cup runneth over. Two comely Corrie maidens are competing for his affections. There's Mary Taylor and Julie Fish Carp. But how is Dev to know where his affections truly lie? Perhaps a side-by-side comparison might help. Let's give it a shot:

1. Defining characteristic or attribute
Julie: Curvy
Mary: Crazy

2. Current Residence
Julie: tastefully decorated flat
Mary: camper van

3. Mode of Transportation
Julie: bus
Mary camper van

4. Favourite place to seduce a man:
Julie: romantic restaurant
Mary: camper van

5. Favourite activity at the gym:
Julie: flirt with Dev
Mary: bench press my body weight

6. My perfect vacation consists of...
Julie:  a romantic weekend in Paris
Mary: kidnapping Norris

7. Favourite meal
Julie: something Italian at Nick's Bistro
Mary: Andalusian paella

8. The man who broke my heart...
Julie: was Brian
Mary: must be hunted down and brought to justice


  1. still laughing at Julie Fish ....even though she is a Carp...

    1. Yikes! My bad. I knew it sounded odd when I wrote 'Julie Fish'. No wonder. Thank you for pointing it out.
      All the best.