Saturday, October 4, 2014

Coronation Street TGIF: the Return of Kevin Webster edition

please note this post makes reference to the October 3 episode on CBC

People who were up on a roof last week: Andrea, Neil & Tim
People who were not up on a roof last week: Todd, Ty, Jason, Eva, Jim, Steve, Liz, Lloyd et al.

The big news is that Kevin Webster is back (with love child Jack) and he's all cool and everything with Sally and Tim. Elsewhere Big Jim is exposed, Peter gets beat up, Liz visits Jim, Jim agrees not to beat up Peter anymore if Liz does a series of [non-conjugal] visits, preferably in short skirts and animal print tops. Neil goes off his head, on the roof. Michael's got a dicky ticker. Kylie is tempted by drugs. Eccles is returned to the Barlow family. Phew! And now a few lines:

Eileen to Liz re: kids
"Do you ever regret owning a womb?"
(What's the alternative? Renting?)

Amy asks Liz about Jim:
Why is Granddad Jim in prison? 
(It's a long story, so it is)

Jim goes ballistic at Peter for ratting him out:
"I'll kill ya!"
(could you be more specific?)

Tracy takes a dim view of Sophie and Maddie's attempt to save Eccles:
"I think dognapping is out of order"
(this from a convicted murderer)

Sally to Maddie:
"Is Shrek Scottish?"
(I think he supported the 'No' side)

Liz to Deirdre:
"Somewhere in my head is a Jim-shaped hole"
(so you're saying you have a man-sized hole in your head?)

Eileen defends Michael:
"He's a nice man with dodgy taste in women"
(i.e. Gail)

Chesney to Sinead re: Kirk:
"He's Groomzilla"
(So that would make Beth the Bride of Groomzilla?)

Sean re:Todd:
"That boy could charm the skin off a snake"
(suddenly I feel sorry for snakes)


Well, that's it for a long week of Corrie. Surely we must now be pretty close to the UK broadcast schedule?  Must run. I suddenly got a hankering for a kebab with hot sauce (wonder why?). Have a great week and thanks so much for stopping by. All the best and see you next week. Cheers!


  1. Another great wrap-up! However, the thought of an "exposed" Big Jim is something I'd rather not see ;-)

  2. Actually womb rental has been done on the show. But enough about that - I believe it was a contentious storyline...