Saturday, November 1, 2014

Coronation Street TGIF: The hairy fruit and/or giant rat edition

please note this post makes reference to the October 31 episode on CBC

The big news? Cilla is back. The waster Mom of Chesney and Fiz is kipping on the sofa. I must say, she's acting very demure and soft spoken. What's up? Does she really have osteoporosis or could it really be osteo-scam-osis?

Elsewhere Peter has been found guilty and sent down. Steve has an acrimonious visit with Jim and puts the kibosh on Jim's plan for life in an Open Prison. Liz and Tony are back together (please, I just had breakfast - ed). Michelle doesn't know what's wrong with Steve. The increasingly annoying Yasmeen opens the world's smallest community centre (claustrophobes welcome). Kylie's drug use is more blatant, bestie Jemma is in hospital and papa Callum wants to see Max. Gary and Alya continue to flirt.

And now a few lines from the week that was:

Liz while fighting with Tony
"Go polish your head"
(that's a bit 'baldist', don't you think?)

Jury foreman pronounces the verdict in Peter's case:
(don't worry Peter, between the weightlifting, licence plate making and chats with Jim, time will fly by)

Simon tells Ken he wants to disavow his father and his name:
"I want to be Simon Richards"
(Hmm, first we'll have to check with Keith)

David makes casual conversation with Audrey in the salon
"Do you remember when you used to do dead people's hair?"
(hmm, sorry doesn't ring a bell)

Jim loses it when Steve reports him to the guards
"You must be the lowest form of pond scum"
(which also happens to be the name of Jim's homebrew prison booze)

Steve to Michelle
"It's obvious you think I'm some kind of waste of space"
(Buck up Steve. You're a most adequate use of space)

Michael to Steve:
"I've always been intrigued by Japan"
(Is it because people are always saying 'sayonara' when you start talking?)

Norris asks Zeedan about the meaning of 'Jumila', the name of the community centre:
"Hairy fruit or giant rat?"
(Neither, thanks, I'll just have a cup of tea)


Well, Corrie Colleagues, so ends another week and we are left to wonder what will happen to Peter. Will there be an appeal? Will Rob be found out? Will Jim get another cellphone with more weekend and evening minutes?

And what of Cilla? Can she really be back just to spend quality time with her kin?  And. last but not least, why has no one mentioned the fact that Yasmeen's Community Centre is the size of a phone booth? Ah the mysteries of Corrie. Thanks so much for dropping by and I'll meet you here next week. Cheers! 


  1. Perhaps the community centre used the same building materials that are used in the street's houses, thus making the walls endlessly expandable, as needed. Does anyone remember who, if anyone, is currently living in the upstairs flat above the former Elliot butcher shop? Yasmine didn't say whether she'd bought the upper floor as well, did she?

  2. Thanks for the comment. I guess you're right. When it comes to Corrie buildings, the TARDIS principle seems to apply. I don't know if anyone is currently living in the flat above the butcher's (now community centre) but Yasmeen said, at the opening of the centre, that she was renting the space so I suspect she does not have the flat, but who knows? That flat would certainly be a handy love nest for Kal and Leanne or, eventually, Gary and Alya. All the best.