Saturday, December 20, 2014

Coronation Street TGIF: the big pointy things edition

a look back at the week that was on Coronation Street in Canada

Let's get right to it with a quick look at the Blanche's Polish Hip Relationship Status Board

Maria and Luke: It's complicated.  (Luke is ready but Maria is unsure).
Alya and Gary: It's agitated. After Kal and Yasmeen discovered the twosome sharing hot sauce, the truth is out and the Nazirs (spell check please - ed) are not happy.
Dev and Julie: It's nauseated. The besotted twosome are annoyingly cloying.

Elsewhere, Leanne and Kal are on the outs since Leanne knew about the Gary/Alya romance but said nothing. Anna & Owen are none too thrilled either. Chesney will be Kirk's best man. David is giving Kylie another chance to renounce her druggie past. Diane gets her sofa back and dumps Kevin. Sean and his vicar friend enjoy a first date. Beth wants a Madonna-esque wedding dress but does not want any of those "big, pointy things".

Now for a few lines from the week that was:

Yasmeen to Leanne after discovering that Leanne knew about Alya & Gary but said nothing:
"You are determined to ruin my family"
(although the Nazirs seem to be doing a pretty good job of that all by themselves)

Julie to Maria and Audrey:
"This whole dating thing, it's a minefield"
(Tell me about it: how many serial killers have Gail and Carla dated?) 

Audrey explains why Maria took a sick day:
"Stabbed herself in the eye with a mascara wand"
(for future reference: the eyes are those two sockets near the top of your head, just under the eyebrows)

Sally tells Tim why she wanted to have Diane as a friend:
"It's lonely in middle management"
(let us know when you get there)

Alya insists that she doesn't care what people think when they find out about her romance with Gary:
"The people who object can form an orderly queue"
(or just punch Gary in the face)

Sally demands that Tim get her a new sofa to replace the old one:
"I am not watching the Queen's speech from a deck chair"
(oh come on: just roll up your pant legs and have some scampi - it'll be just like Blackpool)

Vicar to Sean (who works in a clothing factory) on their first date:
"We're both men of the cloth"
(except one of you is in knickers)

Kevin's joke about Maria's eye condition:
Q: How did Maria get to New York?
A: She took the red eye
(waka waka waka)

Sharif (dressed as Santa) has stern words for Alya (his helper):
"The elf doesn't leave the grotto"
(yeah, it's like Alcatraz)


Well, Corrie Compadres, that's it for another week. As we close in on the yule season on the Street, we can expect more romance, more complications and perhaps even carols sung by Rita in the Rovers. I hope your shopping is done and you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday. And be sure to check the Coronation Street schedule for next week -- just in case of seasonal programming changes. Cheers and thanks for stopping by!

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