Saturday, January 31, 2015

Coronation Street TGIF: the minibus mayhem edition

a look back at the week that was on Coronation Street in Canada

The moral of the story is: never go to an awards ceremony, at least not in a minibus. That surely must be what Carla, Julie, Ayla, Maddie, Sally, Tracy, Sinead, Michelle, Kirk and Steve (and Sean) must be thinking. Long story short, the minibus crashed and it took  one and a half episodes before the ambulances arrived. Don't worry though, nobody left the show died.

Bottom line is: everyone survived but Sinead may have serious injuries. Steve has opened up to Michelle. Roy's doing community service. Gavin tells Steff that he's not Gavin but now they're both pretending that Steff is pregnant so as not to stress out Michael and his faulty heart. Makes sense, right?

Now for a few lines from the week that was:

Carla tells Beth why she's an expert on faulty cellphones:
"Mine's fallen out of me back pocket and into the bog more times than I can remember"
(ouch! so much for unlimited evenings and weekends)

Carla forgives Beth and Kirk for being late for work:
"I'm not a complete cow"

Gavin reveals the truth about his identity to Steff
"I'm not Gavin"
(well, nobody's perfect)

Audrey to Nick re: Michael's heart episode:
"Any shock could kill him"
(better stay away from the Platts then)

Steff mixes up Gavin's fake name with his real name (Andy):
(As in Mahatma Gandy?) 

Roy tells Yasmeen that Carla is a kind person:
"That woman has a heart as big as Lancashire"
(and the same GDP I think)

Tim pretends to accept an award for his work:
"It was always my dream to clean windows"
(I'd like to thank my agent, my lawyer and my director for making that dream come true)

Well, fellow Street Urchins, so ends another tumultuous week of Corrie. I certainly wasn't expecting a minibus accident and I guess now I'll never see Carla accepting her award - which I was looking forward to. Oh well! Another week, another crisis. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week. Cheers!


  1. You forgot that Sean was on the bus too!

    1. My gosh, you're right! How could I forget Sean?
      Thanks for letting me know and all the best!