Saturday, March 14, 2015

Coronation Street TGIF: the good Gavin/bad Gavin edition

a look back at the week that was on Canada's Coronation Street

Okay, so now we have fake Gavin and bad Gavin. But the real Gavin is bad and the fake Gavin is good. Got it?

Right, well fake Gavin can't tell Michael the truth because of Michael's fixed dicky ticker. But bad Gavin will spill the beans to his waster Dad unless he gets a fat bribe. Looks like fake Gavin has no choice but to steal money from Nick. It's a no-brainer (no seriously, it's only something that someone with no brain would do).

Moving on. Luke pretends to do Maria's re-tiling but a woman can tell. Am I right, ladies? In the nausea category, Michael and Gail consider writing their own vows (undying infatuation? seriously?) Tracy gets barred from the Rovers. Kev and Jenny Bradley continue their dalliance. Ken lends Audrey a massive copy of Anna Karenina (where does he get his books from? the 12th century?)

Owen and Anna are having a rough time. Owen is trying to win back his daughters. Anna is concerned about Faye. Roy is involved in duel to the death with Sharif over an allotment. Eileen is still working at the Rovers. Erica is back. Callum is spending quality (i.e. non drug dealing) time with Max.

And now for a few lines from the week that was:

Steff to Maria re: Luke's deception about the kitchen tiles:
"He's just a bloke being a bloke"
(you mean, a bloke?)

Tim tells Sally he doesn't understand all the fuss about Kev and Jenny Bradley:
"Kev's got a new bird. End of story"
(well, that's one way of putting it)

Maria plays truth or dare with Maria:
"Did you really re-tile the kitchen?"
(did you really have it off with Tony Gordon, the psycho?)

Norris explains how his first marriage happened:
"Myrtle Hargreaves seduced me with milk puddings"
(sounds like 50 Shades of Beige)

Norris asks Gail about her new surname after marrying Michael:
"What do you want to be called?
(Your Plattness?)

Roy describes to Tyrone the battle for an allotment with Sharif:
"A high stakes game of horticultural mastermind"
(the Sominex of board games)

Bad Gavin finds a pay stub belonging to fake Gavin:
"When did I start working at Nick's Bistro?"
(everyone who works there asks that question)

Ken to Audrey about Anna Karenina:
"You'll fall in love with it by page ten"
(fall in love or fall asleep: one or the other)

Michelle complains to Steve about Eileen:
"It's like having the Grim Reaper behind the bar"
(the Grim Reaper would be more perky)

Roy apologizes to Tyrone for his outburst about Sharif:
"Forgive the tautology, I'm a little upset"
(please Roy! This is a family show)

Eileen can't resist needling Gail at the hen do:
"Do you just keep the same wedding invite and change the name?"
(guilty as charged - at least that's what her hubbies usually say)


Whew! What a week. The Faye story crawls along at an excruciating pace. And why doesn't Fake Gavin grow a pair and tell Michael the truth? And doesn't Katie get the fact that Callum is a criminal? Oh well. The Street goes on. Let's see what next week brings. At least Erica is back. She's fun and really annoys Gail so that's a double bonus. Cheers and have a great week!

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