Saturday, March 28, 2015

Coronation Street TGIF: the worthless piece of biology edition

a look back at the week that was on Canada's Coronation Street

Looks like it's Katie's turn to take that long taxi ride away from Coronation Street along with little Joseph. She's off to join Linda in sunny Portugal. Boa Sorte!  Poor Ches.

Back on the Street, Sean thinks Emily disapproves of Rev Billy's sexual orientation. Wrongo. Emily does however suggest a butler auction as a fundraising idea (tell Carson from Downton to hide).

Elsewhere Sharif discovers the Great Egg Deception being played by Kal and Zeedan. Gail sees real Gavin's obituary in the newspaper and hides it from Michael. Fake Gavin says he's sorry about 10 times per episode. Then Michael's aunt (I think) shows up and Gail tries to get rid but the jig could (and hopefully will) be up.

Andrea breaks the sacred chair in the cab office. What wrath will befall us now that the holiest of bum holders has been cast asunder? Jenny Bradley is still doing the horizontal mambo with Kev (I bet that beard itches). David gets a letter about mediation for resolving the custody dispute over Max. Finally, a mysterious young blonde arrives. One suspects she is Platt-related.

And now a few lines from the week that was:

Emily disputes Sean's accusations of bigotry:
"I am no homophobe"
(although she is a Norrisphobe)

David rejects Gail's advice to suck up Callum in order to smooth the way for mediation:
"Suck up to that worthless piece of biology?"
(What's the big deal? It's just like kissing an amoeba)

Emily tells Billy to swallow his pride and make up with Sean:
"Get over yourself"
(She is so outa here)

Sharif tells Kal and Zeedan how to stimulate the hens:
"They enjoy poetry"
(She struts in beauty? Stop all the cocks roosters?)

Real Gavin's obituary in the paper:
"The song has ended.. but the melody lingers on"
(as does the fake Gavin)

Jenny laughs at Kevin's outdated lingo:
"Do people still say cool?"
(Sure do, daddy-o)

Michelle to Andrea upon learning the horrific news:
"You broke the chair?"
(Oh the humanity!)


Well, fellow Dev-otees, so ends another week. When the action highlight of the week involves a broken chair, you know it's been a slow week. Still, I'm sure all hell will break loose soon once all those pent up secrets about fake sons, forbidden legovers and real pregnancies are out. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!


  1. Rather, that's "the malady lingers on", in this case, literally, since the heart condition still hangs in Damocles fashion over the "Platt" clan.
    The writers of our obsession need to be taking their cue from you- more puns and word play would help to paste over the shoddy, lazy writing we've all been griping about lately.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Sometimes I wonder why the Platts, for example, are so prominent in stories from week to week. I'd love to see more of Roy, Craig, Tim, Lloyd and even Jenny Bradley. Oh well. Thanks again and all the best

    1. I think it has also become the Platt Show...maybe because Gail reached a significant anniversary with the show this year. On the other hand this goes in cycles with this show remember the Stella Price Show...although landlady of the Rovers the show had put Stella in just about every story and gave yards of the story to Stella and her family. Don't get me wrong but I love Eva and am pleased that she is still on the show. She is a great character.