Saturday, April 18, 2015

Coronation Street TGIF: the social hypocrisy edition

a look back at the week that was on Canada's Coronation Street

Faye's baby is comfortably ensconced in the Windass/Armstrong micro flat, sharing space with Gary, Owen, Anna and Faye.

Tim is a doting granddad. Anna wants to quit her job to look after the sprog. There's only one snag: Faye's not so keen on keeping Faye Junior. (Maybe she got a glimpse of how Bethany turned out).

The baby's Dad (Jackson) and parents slag off Faye and the baby and, just for good measure, Owen tries to thump Craig but misses and thumps Kirk instead (relax, no damage done).

Plattwise, Callum is still trying it on with Sarah. Bethany's being la dolce brat. Audrey confesses to Ken that she hasn't read Anna Karenina (well, who has really?).

Tony is getting fed up with funding Steve's back taxes and now his wedding. Plus Tracy has got his mojo going at full speed. Todd is up to his old tricks posting sexy messages on behalf of Eileen to online dating beaus.

And now for a few lines from the week:

Beth to Kirk:
"I flirted a bit with being a Goth"
(but black isn't her colour)

Bethany to Sarah, as a way to annoy David:
"Is Callum going to be my new Daddy?"
(no, but he may be your new dealer)

Liz to Eileen:
"I have met enough weirdos and sex maniacs to last a lifetime"
(Where is Tony anyway?)

Essential Internet dating shorthand:
(Own Hair And Teeth)

Jason hastily picks out a birthday card for Lloyd:
"A ferret on a bicycle, that'll have to do"
(What's the caption? Ferret Bueller's Birthday Off?)

Andrea to Tracy re: her flirting with Rev Billy:
"He's gay, love, you're barking up the wrong cassock"
(barking? he's a man of god, not a man of dog)

Tracy to Sean as she enters the Rovers looking glam:
"I don't leave the house unless I look fabulous"
(she stays home a lot)

Tim horrifies Sally with a comment about Faye's baby:
"You're sorta a step gran now"
(ouch! looks like Tim will be sleeping in the solarium)

Tony sees Liz in her form fitting red evening wear:
"That dress takes my breath away"
(I know what you mean - I'm gasping for air)

Audrey opines to Ken on the meaning of Anna Karenina:
"It could be social hypocrisy"
(or maybe she just wanted a discreet legover)

Tracy admits to Tony one of her endearing foibles:
"I am a user"
(and a killer - but let's not get hung up on our imperfections) 


Well, Weatherfield Wanderers, so ends another week as Corrie is jostled by the annual hockey playoffs. Will Faye keep her baby? Will Eileen meet her exotic Internet suitor (Todd)? Will Ken finally get back his copy of Anna Karenina or will Audrey use it as a door stop at the salon? Only time will tell. Keep watching. Thanks so much for visiting and thanks for the comments. All the best and have a great week!

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