Saturday, January 2, 2016

Coronation Street Catch-Up: the Weatherfield Good Samaritan edition

a look back at last week (or more) on Canada's Coronation Street

Ah! There's nothing quite like a Corrie Christmas with the alcohol, the Nativity play, the parties, the pantomime, the pregnancies and the Platts.

And, 'twas the night before Christmas and throughout the Big House, ol' Rob Donovan was busy as a bee (a killer bee - ed). Geez, that guy is sending out more invitations than a Kardashian wedding.

First Johnny gets summoned to get the news that he may be Carla's father. Then Tracy is invited to learn the exciting news that Rob may be released due to irregularities in the investigation. Now it's Robert's turn to visit the Big House as Rob causes havoc from the comfort of a prison cot.

Outside jail, it's the usual Plattalooza. Sarah remains pregnant with Callum Junior. David runs into Callum's Mum and is nice to her. David and Kylie are on the rocks. Gail is trying to wheedle her way into Michael's life. Nick and Carla have an engagement party.

Anna and Kev seem to have made a connection while each is trying the singles circuit. Ty continues his crusade to light up the Street for Hope event though Hope is in hospital. Mary continues her romance with the married UFO guy. Ken and Nessa are ongoing.

Michael wins the Weatherfield Good Samaritan Award but his nominator discovers that he also burgled her home. Whoops!  Steve is staying in Spain for Christmas. Amy declines to 'play' the violin at the church gig. Eva and Aidan may or may not get together.

Oh yes, and there's a Ping Pong table in Underworld. Don't ask.

And now a few Xmas gems from the past two weeks:

Tracy to Todd:
"I hate Christmas"
(that's the spirit)

Audrey to Anna re: the shortage of Kens:
"There's only so many recently widowed vulnerable men to go round"
(only one to a customer)

Nessa to Cathy:
"Ken and I connect on so many levels"
(mostly horizontal) 

Mary reflects on her relationship with Brendan:
"I'm not sure I'm cut out to be a mistress"
(it takes practice) 

Rob asks Johnny if he was intimate with Carla's Mom:
"Did you or did you not have sexual relations with that woman?"
(let him check with Bill Clinton)

Nessa is shocked by the hairdo created by Audrey:
"I look like something out of the Simpsons"
(Sideshow Bob?)

Mary to Emily about her interest in the paranormal:
"I've completely changed my position on the Bermuda Triangle"
(180 degrees?)

Gail to Sarah re Rev Billy's intervention:
"We don't need his help, we make our own mess"
(it's what they do)

Gail is shocked by Sarah's pregnancy news:
"You? Up the duff by the monster who terrorized our whole family?"
(when's the baby shower?)

Audrey to Bethany:
"You are far too old to get pregnant in this family"
(teenagers need not apply)

Amy is upset when Tracy is a no-show at her violin recital
"I don't want a smoothie, I want a mother"
(a smoothie would probably be better)


That's it for a marathon session of Corrie (including a two hour extravaganza on Thursday). Hope you had a festive, happy and restful holiday. Thanks for your loyal companionship here on this blog throughout 2015 and I wish you the very best in 2016. Cheers! 


  1. Thank you for another year of adding a humorous perspective to the program. I look forward to your comments, even when the show is wallowing in cliches: actually, especially when its full of cliches. You make the tedious episodes more bearable. I anticipate with pleasure your take on the upcoming year.

  2. Make that "it's".

  3. Thanks for another great year of analysis...still laughing at the UFO guy...

  4. Thanks so much for the nice comments and here's hoping that 2016 brings some great story lines and maybe a little less of the Platts. All the best to you in 2016 and thanks for visiting the blog.