Friday, January 15, 2016

Top 5 list of those who won't receive a prison visit invitation from Rob Connor

Sure Rob Connor is behind bars but he seems to do more socializing than a debutante at a Downton Abbey pheasant shoot.

Not a day goes by when ol' Robbo doesn't send out a visiting invitation to some lucky punter or punterette on the Street. Good job he's not in a Harry Potter book, or there'd be a veritable traffic jam of owls delivering messages across Weatherfield.

So far, El Chappy has summoned Johnny, Robert, Tracy (twice) and now Carla. Bottom line, he's running out of people to invite to his elegant lodgings at HM Correctional Facility (Sean Penn, eat your heart out).

Still, he's not ready to roll out the red carpet to just anyone. Here's a list of five characters who probably won't receive invites:

1. Norris (unless Johnny is his father too).

2. Darryl (Craig's pet would refuse anyway, Rob gives rats a bad name)

3. Kirk (unless Rob's keen to get an update on the latest developments on knicker packing and shipping)

4. Tim (the last thing he needs is a window cleaner, although he could use a good mobile provider by which I don't mean Rogers or Vodafone - but rather a thug with stolen phone)

5. Eccles (he's a Barlow and Rob hates Barlows - especially the ones who bite)

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