Saturday, December 17, 2016

Coronation Street Catch Up: the psychopathic lesbian lodger and holiday edition

a look back at last week on Canada,s Coronation Street.

The big news? Caz is alive and well and packing boxes at a factory where Aidan spots her. Then the hunt is on and Kate is the one who manages to lure Caz out into the open by pretending to still love her. The cops arrive and Caz is taken away.

Maria gets out of jail and it's clear that Aidan has 'feelings' for her but he rebuffs her (I guess because he suddenly remembers that he's going out with um... Eva) and Maria gets super cheesed off. How cheesed off? Enough to give sleazy Adam Barlow a mega lip lock. Speaking of the Barlows, Daniel moves out of his squalid apartment and then confesses to Peter that he hasn't seen his Mom for 6 years. Ken feels terrible.

Zeedan and Rana finally reconcile and get married but how long will marital bliss last? Alya tries to reconcile with Zee to no avail. She decides to stick around anyway and move in with Kate (don't tell Caz). Elsewhere Mary has a troubling secret but won't talk about it and Erica is concerned. 

Brian meets Nessa and the two seem to get along nicely - 'nuff said. If Tim hasn't already had his full allotment of joy with Sally, he now has... an allotment. Sally thinks it will be good for Tim to do a little gardening. But like the master skiver he is, Tim finds a way to get others to do the dirty work (Weatherfield archeologists) and of course is found out.

And now for a few lines from the week that was

Norris briefs his new lodger, Brian about the habits of his old lodger, Sean:
"Don't use any of his toiletries"
(don't worry, Brian doesn't use toiletries)

Dev to Erica:
"Mary is an enigma"
(I thought she was a Libra)

Maria threatens Aidan:
"I'll tell Eva you're a lying, cheating scumbag"
(Just post it on Facebook - it'll be faster)

Tracy to Adam re: Maria:
"She s only just come out of prison and she might be going back in for illegally marrying a gay Argentinian hairdresser and they only found that out because her psychopathic lesbian lodger tried to frame her for murder"
(is that all?)


Well, festive followers, so ends another week. Don't forget the one hour edition of Corrie which airs on Monday night starting at 7pm (check your local listings for the times in your area). Not sure when I'll be posting over the holidays (my access to Corrie may be limited due to pesky social conventions and family obligations) but I will certainly check in at some point. In the meantime, have a great week and a great holiday and all the best to you and yours. Cheers!

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