Friday, March 10, 2017

In memory of Darryl "the rat" Tinker: RIP (Rodent in Peace)

Coronation Street lost one of its most accomplished rodent thespians this week when Darryl the Rat went missing and his lifeless, white furry body was subsequently discovered just a few hours later.

Darryl, one of the finest rats ever to grace the cobbles of Coronation Street, made his screen debut in 2011 as Craig Tinker's pet. The namesake of Craig's plank-like, waste of space Dad (Darryl the First), the rat made an immediate impact with Corrie watchers.

His early, tense dramatic scenes with Tracy Barlow are the stuff of TV screen legend and the love/hate chemistry which later evolved between Darryl and Craig's Mom, Beth Tinker, was nuanced and sublime.

When Beth became romantically involved with Kirk, Darryl's character blossomed as the headstrong rat regularly matched wits with Kirkie and they shared an intellectual bond, as well as a common interest in food, games and animal welfare.

When Craig became romantically involved with Caitlin, Darryl was forced to come to terms with the fact that he was no longer Craig's prime interest and had been replaced by someone taller and with fewer whiskers and legs. He played the paradox of a conflicted rodent to perfection.

A special ITV tribute show is apparently not in the works and ITV executives declined to comment on any such plans which they termed "complete bollocks."

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