Sunday, April 30, 2017

Coronation Street Catch Up: the Cheshire Haven edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street

Robert and Michelle seem to be an item despite Steve's best efforts to tempt Michelle into marriage counselling.

Peter is released by the police but his alibi is contradicted by Chloe who wants to make his life miserable. Still, Peter manages to do his bit for the IVF much to Toyah's delight. Ken remains hunkered down at Roy's as the investigation into his assault continues.

Sally has a nasty troll/stalker whose idea of a gag is a fake death notice in the newspaper and a cow's heart in a box delivered to Sal. Things go from bad to worse when Tim jumps a suspicious guest at a municipal event who turns out be innocent. 

Lucky David gets a bequest of 20,000 pounds from a customer along with a dog named Dave (wasn't that a song by that band America?) What will he do with the cash?

Elsewhere, Kev is in dire financial straits.  Seb is appearing in court and Faye asks Phelan to take her to the hearing. Johnny is not well but Jenny doesn't notice as she's preoccupied with wedding plans.

And now for a few quotes from the week that was:

Maria to Audrey re: Sally's visit from a lifestyle magazine reporter:
"She's got Cheshire Haven coming over today"
(Quick! Prepare the conservatory!)

David recalls a deceased salon customer:
"I gave her a purple rinse"
(whether she wanted it or not)

Police officer to Peter:
"I'm arresting you on suspicion of assaulting Chloe"
(can you at least let him out to do IVF?")

Peter insists to police that Chloe is a liar
"Shes a bunny boiler"
(no offence)

Sally introduces the chief municipal officer to her girls:
"This is our mayor. He's gay"
(Not that there's anything wrong with that)

Robert to Michelle:
"I love you"
(But what about Steve?)

Well, cobble comrades, so ends another week. Apologies for the late post. No excuses, only skiving. Have a great week and thanks to everyone for stopping by.

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