Sunday, May 7, 2017

Coronation Street Catch Up: the offensive haircut edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street.

Not since the League of Nations was formed in 1920 has such an august body convened as the Barlow Brains trust of Adam, Daniel, Peter and Eccles.

Their recommendation? Grass up Tracy as the likely suspect who pushed Ken down the stairs. Sadly the coppers have another idea: arrest Adam based on DNA evidence linking him to a kitchen counter - or something like that. Anyway, the point is Adam is the latest suspect in Kengate.

Also in the Barlow headlines: Rob's back. That's right, Rob is "out" of jail (presumably for good behaviour and/or he's on the lam) and in hiding. He's wounded (I'm guessing from a game of tiddlywinks which got out of hand in his cell block) and Tracy is providing comfort and support. Luke knows something is up and breaks up with Tracy in the process.

Elsewhere Sarah is getting increasingly worried about Bethany. Bethany is skipping school and spending all her time with Creep Du Jour Nathan. And, even though I've never actually seen a human customer at that "tanning salon", she seems to be working there while Nathan continues his nasty secret plan to pimp her out to his friend. Craig stops by but is labelled a "stalker" by Nathan.

Anna's monetary gift from David allows Kev to save his garage from bankruptcy. Freddy is set to leave and his feud with Rita continues (over a contentious slot machine payout).

Fiz gets together with an old friend named Kim. Funny story... turns out Kim is a man and an antique dealer. Ty is not amused.

Turns out that Shona is the mother of Clayton, the lowlife who stabbed Kylie. She goes to visit her son in the Big House and is spotted by Phelan (visiting Seb).

Also, Gail and Shona have a heart-to-heart about the trials and tribulations of their bad seed sons and Gail convinces Shona to keep quiet, rather than risk having Davey go off his nut again.

Jenny has established a wedding corner in the factory but Johnny is not himself and Kate thinks it's perhaps because he's having second thoughts about the wedding.

And now for a few lines from the week that was:

Tracy to Rob on the benefits of jail:
"Ping pong, three square meals and regular action"
(sounds like Club Med with shivs)

Peter's glib response to Tracy when asked why Adam was arrested:
"Possession of an offensive haircut"
(It's funny because it's true)

Clayton to Mommy Shona:
"Did I have to kill someone to get your attention?"
(No, but it certainly did the trick)

Gail commiserates with Shona:
"Nobody sets out to raise a monster"
(except the guy who created Frankenstein)

David the hairdresser to David the dog:
"Do one, fur ball"
(He's a regular Cesar Milan)


Well, fellow Street Supporters, so ends another week. Not sure how I feel about the return of Rob (well, to be honest, a touch queasy) but maybe everything will work out okay. Probably not though. Thanks so much for stopping by and have great week. Cheers! 

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