Saturday, April 22, 2017

Coronation Street Catch Up: the Barlow Fertility and Felony edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street.

Hey, coppers, here's a theory. Maybe all the Barlows (Adam, Tracy, Daniel & Peter) got together at the top of the stairs and pushed Ken?

Think of it as a family felony get-together. After all, they've all got motives. And when will the police take Eccles in for questioning? That dog's been awfully quiet over the last few episodes. And we all know he resented Ken for not picking up his 'business' during walks on the Red Rec.

Yes, the inquiry into Ken's assault and stair pushing continues and the Barlowians are in the crosshairs. Adam, Tracy, Peter and Daniel are all suspects caught up in a dizzy web of lies.

Adam didn't go to Canada (pity!). Peter sent an incriminating voicemail to Simon. Tracy lies all the time anyway. Daniel already lost one parent under mysterious circumstances which he failed to mention - for six years. Suffice to say that this tangled mystery would take several seasons of Broadchurch to solve.

Meanwhile Ken is discharged from the hospital (again) but prefers to stay Chez Roy where there are fewer Barlows and less stair pushing.

Elsewhere, Kev is skint but won't accept free groceries from Dev. Daniel tries to do a runner but Sinead catches him. Sally's online troll is still taunting her. Bethany is upset when she sees a photo of Nathan kissing Mel. Eileen is back and wins a car. Audrey breaks her arm. Fiz wants to become a massage therapist.

And now for a few lines from last week:

Ken is visited by Adam in hospital:
"I thought you were in Canada"
(it didn't take)

Tracy discovers that Adam was not in the Great White North:
"Why did you lie about being in Canada?"
(doesn't everyone? I tell people I live in Guam)

Police wonder why Daniel didn't report his missing mother earlier:
"You've done the right thing... six years too late"
(he was busy)

Tracy re: Daniel:
"He's a psycho"
(guess it runs in the family)

Peter assures Toyah that she will have a baby:
"You've got Barlow fertility on your side"
(not to mention Barlow felony)

Nick does the "j'accuse" routine on Peter:
It was you, wasn't it? You tried to kill your own Dad"
(Peter? Patricide? Preposterous?)


Well, fellow felony followers, so ends another week and the Barlow imbroglio continues as police have many motives but no clear suspect. The investigation continues.Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!

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