Sunday, April 16, 2017

Coronation Street Catch Up: the window cleaner in heels edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street.

Can you believe it? Ken is back in hospital... and not because he flies United.

Rather some dastardly villain actually pushed the obstreperous octogenarian down the stairs in what the police are calling attempted murder.

Mind you, ol' Ken has been doing a good job of cheesing off all and sundry like: Phelan (hurry up and finish the bloody kitchen!), Peter (is he back on the bottle and having it off with Chloe?), Amy (violins are damn expensive!), Tracy (no dosh for her florist shop!), Adam (get thee back to Canada!), Sinead (how dare you sabotage Daniel's sacred Oxford plan!), Daniel (how dare you sabotage your sacred Oxford plan!) and so on.

Todd suspects Pat Phelan is the guilty party and employs some Halloween-style tricks to give Phelan a scare once he learns about Pat's belief in the paranormal. But before you can say 'ghostbuster', Pat is ghostbusted by the police on suspicion of attempted murder.

Toyah turns to her ex after learning about Peter and Chloe but then believes that a) Peter is not back on the bottle and b) Peter is not having it off with Chloe. She decides to make up with Peter.

Brian and Cathy go to a play but Brian is reluctant to tell Roy about his burgeoning romance.

Meanwhile, Rosie wants to do a photo shoot (an embarrassing one, 'natch) to raise money for Kev's garage mortgage payment. Sally does a radio interview to promote Jenny's line of mastectomy bras but then gets bad news regarding her own health. Her cancer could be back.

Leanne tries to explain her ex to Toyah:
"Peter's a complicated man"
(you have to learn how to read between the tattoos)

Tracy is interviewed by the police:
"I didn't expect to be questioned about trying to murder my Dad"
(well, your rap sheet does say 'murder')

Ken is frustrated by Phelan's slow reno pace:
"Why am I surrounded by people who always let me down?"
(or push you down... the stairs)

Chloe's demands to Peter in exchange for not ruining his life:
"Get on your knees and say please"
(would you settle for a card and a box of Ferrero Rocher?)

Chloe has a heart-to-heart with Ken about Peter:
"He was just my taxi driver at first"
(...and then I gave him a few tips)

Anna critiques Rosie's window cleaning outfit:
"You can't clean windows in heels"
(Try wearing a pair of Manolo Blahnik flats)


Well, fellow Street Savants, so ends another week. Poor old Ken is back in the hospital and the police are hard at work trying to figure out who pushed him down the stairs. Ever consider David? After all he has experience. He once pushed Gail down the stairs. Just saying. Have a great weekend and a great week. Cheers!

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