Sunday, April 9, 2017

Coronation Street Catch Up: the Uber Gigolo edition

a look back at last week on Canada's Coronation Street

Looks like Peter Barlow is at it again. Sort of.

Call him the Taxi Two-timer or the Cabbie Casanova or the Lyft Lothario or even the Uber Gigolo (get on with it! - ed). The point is that ol' Pete is doing some heavy duty flirting with Chloe, while funding IVF for his main squeeze, Toyah.

But it seems that Chloe wants more than just tea and sympathy and a ride in a squalid cab. Peter assures her that she's got the wrong end of the stick but... too late.

On the Bunny Boiler scale, Chloe's currently a 7 or 8. Why? She's been tracking Peter's movements, says she wants to buy the Rovers and is now poised for a nice sit-down chat with Ken.

And that's just the tip of the Barlow iceberg. Ken is furious with Daniel for turning down a scholarship at Oxford (never heard of it. Anything like Humber College?)

Seems Daniel wants to settle down with Sinead and have a baby and work at the Bistro. How furious is Ken? Well, he has a nasty little chat with Sinead, so caustic that Sinead goes off and has a termination.

Tracy's not too thrilled either. First she hears Ken slagging off poor Deirdre (his non-academic, late wife) and then she cannot convince Ken to give her the money she needs to buy the florist premises from Peter, who needs the money to buy the pub from Steve (are you still with me?)

Elsewhere, Pat Phelan seems to believe in ghosts and is freaked out by the odd noises in Luke's apartment much to Todd's delight.

Faye's baby (Miley) and father return from Canada (wonder if they bumped into Adam at the airport?) to visit the Street. Evil Seb gets jealous and clocks Miley's dad, gets arrested and is bailed out by Phelan.

And, Michelle apologizes to Nick for trying to have it off with him as a means of revenge against Leanne.

And now for a few lines from the week that was:

Tracy is adamant that she is not leaving the florist premises and tells Peter:
"Trexit is not going to happen"
(quick, call Nigel Farage)

Liz to prospective pub buyer, Chloe:
"It really is a crackin' boozer"
(by which she means there are cracks in the walls and foundation)

Chloe to Ken who invites her in for a hot beverage:
"I could murder a cup of tea actually"
(just a cup of tea?)

Daniel's tutor to Daniel:
"What could possibly be more important than going to Oxford?"
(washing dishes at the Bistro?)

Brian to Toyah re:Peter's listening to customer problems:
"He's a taxi driver, not a psychotherapist"
(too bad, I hear the tips are better)

Chloe to Peter:
"Do you have a going rate for flirting?"
($5 for the first 5 minutes and thereafter, or a fixed rate of $50 to the airport)

Ken to Sinead:
"What could you possibly have in common? A shared love of Chaucer?"
(Sinead is partial to the Wife of Bath-soap's Tale)

Well, Coronation Street Compadres, so ends another week. Barlow discord seems to be at an all-time time high. Oh well, at least we get a respite from the troubles over at the Platt's. Enjoy the week and thanks to everyone for stopping by. Cheers!

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