Saturday, April 21, 2018

Coronation Street Catch Up: A Fish called Chesney edition

your update on what happened last week on Canada's Coronation Street...

First rule of Coronation Street fight club: you don't talk about fight club.

Second rule: don't mention that the whole fight fiesta in memory of Luke is a really stupid idea.

No good could ever come of rapist Josh's pugilist parade. Sure enough, after Shona spars with Maria, and Robert tussles with Zeedan, Crazy David decides to take on Gary and beats him senseless, while odious referee, Josh, watches and does nothing. Dr. Ali calls for an ambulance. Looks like Gary is headed back, yet again, to the hospital.

The only one with any sense is Ty who backs out of his bout to accompany Fiz to a therapist appointment for Ruby.

For Aidan's birthday, Carla signs over the factory to Aidan. Looks like Underworld is set to re-open.

Of course, the real main event of the week was the fact that Pat Phelan is not in fact gone to a watery grave, but to a dreary B&B. And it looks like the awful amphibian assassin is recovering and using the house sewing kit to do some Etsy-style home stitching on his injured leg.

Meanwhile, back in Weatherfield, the police continue their inquiries, questioning Eileen and trying to search Luke's old apartment only to find, along the way, that current tenant Craig has OCD and needs to see a doctor (which he does).

Dev insists that Chesney dress like a fish for the grand opening of his chippie. Ches isn't keen but Dev lays a gill trip on him (what's the pay scale for that job?)

Speaking of fishy, seems that Jude is not working as a marine biologist but rather in the souvenir shop at the aquarium, much to the surprise of Mary and Angie.

 And a few lines from the week that was:

Kev defends Andy's misdeeds, including setting fire to the garage:
"He did it cause he was desperate"
(RIP Andy)

Alya addresses the crowd before the charity boxing match:
"Luke Britton was a lover not a fighter"
(so why have a fight in his memory?)

Tracy insists that Eileen was an accomplice to Phelan:
"Will someone wake up and smell the dead bodies?"
(I think that's just regular eau de ginnel)

Well, Corrie comrades, so ends another week.  That Josh is certainly quite the psycho creep and, wait for it, Alya actually seems to be falling for him! Good grief. And what of Phelan in his palatial B&B? Surely he will be out and about before too long.  Yikes. Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great week.

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