Saturday, May 5, 2018

Coronation Street Catch Up: the Free Anna Windass Now edition

your one-stop update on what happened last week on Canada's Coronation Street...


That's right. Journalist, crusader and one-time boy toy Daniel Osborne is determined to Free Anna Windass Now (FAWN).

Personally, I prefer Free Anna Windass Legal Team Youth (FAWLTY). Anyway, Daniel is taking action by recording bad videos and sending them to the media. Isn't he a chip off the old block (Ken)?

Elsewhere, Eileen is finally emerging from her cocoon of denial and shock and trying to make things right. She supports FAWN, makes a video, and even lets Seb's Mum camp out on her living room sofa. By the way, seems Seb's Mum is something of an auto mechanic.

At Audrey's there's a new young hairdresser named Emma who seems to be getting on David's nerves. That's not hard to do these days since David is completely out of sorts and on edge. Gary tries to talk him round and so does Maria. David's only response is to declare his love (for Maria, not Gary).

The fallout from Kate and Rana's relationship continues after Rana's parents' failed attempt to get Rana on a one-way trip to Pakistan.

Alya is at odds with Kate and they no longer wish to share an apartment. Worse, seems that Summer is a better Underworld manager than Alya as she (Summer) catches an error in Alya's calculations while doing a sort of one-day internship to get work experience.

More fallout over at the Bistro as Michelle confronts Robert over his steroid use. Somehow Robert, who never seems to run out of screw-ups, manages to smooth things over. Not so for Carla who is in Michelle's doghouse for bunking down with Michelle's son.

On the scary side, ol' Pat Phelan seems to be checking out of his B&B in order to take care of some unfinished business. Oh oh.

Now let's have some lines from the week that was:

Gary to David:
"You've never been what you call 'well balanced'"
(thank you Dr. Freud)

Jenny to Johnny:
"You're allowed to say the word 'lesbian' in public"
(good to know)

Michelle to Robert:
"Are you using steroids, yes or no?
(tough question. Can he phone a friend?}

Rana's brother to his parents after the failed kidnap attempt:
"You are no longer my parents"
(so don't expect a mother's day or father's day card)

Gail describes Richard Hillman to Seb and Phelan:
"He killed people as well"
(thanks for sharing)

Eileen to Gail:
"My husband was more twisted and sick than your husband"
(um, it's not a contest)

Well, Corrie compadres, so ends another week. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week. Cheers!

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