Sunday, April 29, 2018

Coronation Street Catch Up: the ridiculously hot edition

your one-stop update on what happened last week on Canada'a Coronation Street...

Isn't Roy Cropper the best plus one?

The astute anorak-wearing savant accompanies Carla to a dinner party chez Robert and Michelle, solely to prevent Carla from hooking up with her new age-inappropriate toy boy, Dr. Ali.

Roy elevates the dinner party repartee with his timely explanations of Fanny Craddock (historic TV chef) and the expression "Sweet Fanny Adams".

Alas his efforts go for nought when Carla sneaks outside for a quick "how's your father" with lusty Doctor A and is then caught in the act by Ali's Mum, Michelle.

Speaking of physical exertion, seems that Roberto is on steroids which gives a boost to his bodybuilding and um... horizontal hi jinks, but Carla is on to him and threatens to tell Michelle.

Over at the Rovers, the baby charade continues. Eva tries to come clean and tell the truth to Aidan but is rebuffed.  So Eva goes back to Plan A which is to run off and have the baby and then hand over the infant to Toyah. Good plan except obnoxious teen yob Simon overhears the plan and begins blackmailing Toyah in order to keep her secret.

Audrey is out of the hospital and staying with Gail and David. Gary proposes to Sarah. Zeedan thinks maybe he can win back Rana but then Rana and Kate have an amorous Duvet Duet and are discovered by Rana's parents.

Eileen is back home but lying low and lying on the couch.

And now for some lines from the week that was:

Robert to Carla after being discovered with steroids:
"It's given me my mojo back"
(nothing worse than a missing mojo)

Ali to Carla:
"You are ridiculously hot"
(and that's his medical opinion)

Aidan does not react well to Eva's ultrasound baby photo:
"Did you get it off the internet?"

Gail to David after his latest violent outburst on Gary:
"Whatever this is David, this has to stop"
(only if you agree, of course. Thanks awfully for considering the request)

Well, fellow followers, so ends another week. No news on Pat Phelan although we know he's lurking in a grotty B&B somewhere near the seaside. I guess we better remain on high alert just in case he decides to come back to Weatherfield. Thanks for stopping by and spending some time here at the Hip. Have a great week!

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