Saturday, June 30, 2018

Coronation Street Catch Up: the Pity Leg Over edition

your one-stop update on what happened last week on Canada's Coronation Street...

It's been another emotional week for Johnny Connor.

First there was the funeral for his son Aidan, then he pushes Jenny away, then he has a grief leg over with Liz, and then he finds out that he has a granddaughter, and then he decides he's going to fight for custody of the child.


Let's break that down a bit. It all kicks off when Toyah finally confesses to Peter that their baby is actually Eva's baby. And, no, Eva didn't go to America but rather got locked in a bathroom at a cottage. Eva gave birth and gave the baby to Toyah. Toyah fooled Peter into believing that the baby was theirs via their surrogate. 

Well, it was all a lie. Peter is devastated by the truth and it could be the end for him and Toyah. And, of course, the Connors find out.

Elsewhere, the factory is in turmoil under the ownership of Alya. Before you can say "poorly stitched knickers", the workers are on strike protesting the unfair dismal of Fiz. Fiz gets reinstated but the strain of management is causing Alya to hire Sarah as a PA.

Sean seems to be short of cash, has no job and will shortly be without a place to stay. Ty plans to go out with Seb's Mom but cancels when he discovers she has ulterior motives and is looking a man in order to get her kids back from social services.

Over at Streetcars, there is a going away party for Eileen who's off to Bristol to live with Nicola and her baby. Craig has passed his police test and is interested in seeing Kayla, the waitress at SpeedDal.

And now for a few lines:

Johnny delivers the eulogy at his son's funeral:
"Aidan was a great brother and a great son"

Liz refuses Johnny's advances for his own sake:
"I'm trying to save your marriage"
(it's a tough job but someone's got to do it)

Peter to Toyah after learning the truth:
"You selfish bitch"

Johnny wants custody of Susie, Eva's baby:
"She deserves better than that liar bringing her up"
(the gloves are off)

Well, fellow cobbleros, so ends another week and the truth is finally out. What will this mean for the Connors, for Peter and for Toyah? I guess we'll find out next week (somewhat appropriately during the knockout round of the World Cup). Thanks for stopping by and have a Happy Canada Day!

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