Saturday, July 7, 2018

Coronation Street Catch-Up: the England versus Sweden edition

your one-stop update on what happened last week on Canada's Coronation Street...

Was anyone on Coronation Street actually supporting Sweden in the World Cup?

Possibly the Street's contrarian and resident fussbudget Norris Cole (where is he anyway?) and, on an intellectual level, I suppose Ken would point out the admirable qualities of Swedish literature (Strindberg) and music (ABBA), but I think we can safely assume that les punters were 100% behind the three lions.

Speaking of Corrie (finally! - ed), I don't know about you but I miss the old Ryan. You know, the lovable mop top lad who loved his Mom and music and then went away to study. In his place, we now have Exhibit A, the new Ryan: skiver, chancer and drinker.

Ryan is skint and living with Michelle. He got and then lost a job at Speed Daal and is now trying it on with Bethany Platt. On the plus side, Ryan has figured out that Kayla (who is actually the daughter of scumbag copper Neil) is up to something as she tries to worm her way into Craig's affections.

Elsewhere, the Connors vs. Eva battle continues. Johnny has an entente with Eva which only lasts an episode last because Johnny then finds a DNA test paper which says that Adam is the father of baby Susie. However the DNA test is a fake made by Adam as an option for Eva (which Eva declines).

Peter is adamant that he wants to sell his half of the Rovers even though Toyah tries for a reconciliation.

Meanwhile, Flora, mother of the late Harvey (Vinny), has inherited 250,000 pounds from Vinny's estate. Steve is taking a dim view of Abby and the shenanigans going on at Eileen's house. Abby is upset because it seems it will be awhile before she can regain custody of her kids.

Mike is trying to get close to Liz but wonders about her relationship with Johnny. Beth and Kirk remain split up because Kirk has been walking the dog of a woman who is much younger than Beth was led to believe.

And now for a few lines from the week that was:

Abby to Steve after her all-night bender:
"My mouth's like the bottom of a bird cage"
(and she ain't budgie-ing from Eileen's)

Flora makes a confession to Daniel:
"I can't stand pasta" 
(call it a bolognese malaise)

Ryan to Bethany:
"I know women"
(but not personally)

Mary to Adam:
"In this life you cannot expect happiness to just fall into your lap"
(especially at Tassels)

Ryan to Bethany in Audrey's Salon:
"You've got 20 minutes to make me look even better"

Bethany to Ryan:
"Put a bag over your head. Job done."

Beth to Kirk:
"To think I gave you the best six years of my life"
(but not consecutively)

Gemma tells Bethany she doesn't want to eat too much:
"What doesn't fill me makes me stronger"
(or at least thinner)

Well, Fellow Footie Fanatics, so ends another week as Coronation Street continues and the World Cup is coming to an end. Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great week. Cheers!

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