Sunday, June 3, 2018

Coronation Street Catch Up: the Return of Phelan edition

your one-stop update on what happened last week on Canada's Coronation Street...

This week's headline: Is Pat Phelan back in Weatherfield?

It certainly looks like it. Eileen is being harassed with anonymous phone calls and other pranks and all the evidence points to the evil Slaphead making a return appearance on the Street. 

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Be afraid for Robert too. He was rushed to the hospital with chest pains and this just as Michelle and he decided to go ahead with their wedding after all and invite Ali (Michelle's biological sprog) and Ryan (Michelle's non-biological sprog).

More bad news as Zee assaults a masher who was harassing Kate and Rana. Seems like the masher was badly injured and taken to hospital and Zeedan fears that the police will find out that he's responsible. Also, Rana wants a divorce.

Johnny remains inconsolable after the death of Aidan while the trio of Jenny, Carla and Michelle try to figure out a way to prevent Alya from inheriting the factory as specified in Aidan's will. Meanwhile Rev Billy and Summer organize a "speak and save" fundraising event in memory of Aidan (much better than a charity boxing match).

Elsewhere, Seb's Mum gets a job as a mechanic at Kev and Tyrone's garage. David tries to cope with life in prison while awaiting his court appearance. And Shona is trying to dig up some dirt about Josh from his previous employers.

Flora continues to  make herself at home with Daniel and Adam and has it in for Sinead (whom she calls Shanel). Yasmeen seems to be getting along well with Geoff.

And now for a few lines from the week that was:

David explains his injured hand to Shona:
"I punched a bulletin board"
(the bulletin board was taken to hospital)

Flora to Adam:
"I could knit you a chunky jumper if you like"
(how chunky?)

Former mechanic colleague tells Shona what he thinks of Josh:
"I wouldn't touch him with a barge pole"
(the barge pole's not too keen either)

Eileen to Steve:
"People are very sympathetic when they find out your husband is a serial killer"
(it could happen to anyone)

Yasmeen recounts her date with Geoff to Steve and Tim:
"He produced a live pigeon from my handbag"
(they say a bird in the hand (bag)...)

Steve and Tim make a sign for Eileen's return to Streetcars:
"Welcome back et"
(...and phone home)

Well patient punters, so ends another week. Better load up with a plate of digestives and a pot of tea because it looks like Pat is back in town. Have a great week and thanks for stopping by. Cheers!

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