Thursday, July 16, 2009

The exit to Spain is mainly on the plane

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the July 15th episode on CBC

So the Mortons (3/5th of them anyway) are leaving for Spain. It's a big change. They'll have to learn how to say 'Donde esta kebab shop', for example. Well, at least they won't be lonely over there. That's because there's a veritable colony of Corrie Compadres, a legion of Manchester muchachos... (that's enough por favor - ed) over in Espana, which seems to be something of a home away from home for Weatherfield citizens.

There's Andy Mcdonald (Steve's brother), a longtime resident, and Warren Baldwin (Jamie's brother) for starters. Warren is even playing football over there (for Surreal Madrid or the Torremolinos Skivers FC, I forget which). Over the years, Spain has been a key part of Corrie stories. Mike Baldwin had a villa over there, the subject of much conflict in his will. Jackie Dobbs was there for a while (running with the bull, I suspect). Leanne spent a restful sojourn under Spanish skies learning all about real estate and Sangria - but mostly Sangria. Frankie Baldwin escaped over there for a respite from her torturous love life (parenting es muy caliente). Even the Websters found time to escape their troubles and spend a few days in Majorca (A UN designated Tony Gordon-free zone).

What's the attraction? Central heating? Cold beer and warm food? Out of earshot of Janice Battersby? It's hard to say but 'calle coronaciĆ³n' is growing, especially with the addition of the Mortons. They probably even have enough characters over there to start their own storylines. Maybe a ruthless businessman, El Tony, will try to force a certain Signor Kev to leave his hacienda in order to expand his bullfighting business... or something like that. We can work on the details manana.

Adios Amigos


  1. Sarah and Bethany Platt are two others that come to mind!

  2. This post was a real chuckle. Thanks, Mary Kinkora.