Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hillman v. Gordon

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the July 21 episode on CBC

Let's compare villains. Many observers believe that Tony Gordon is a monster, a ruthless businessman who crushes his opponents and has a vicious streak which could make him into the next Richard Hillman.

You remember Richard? Good looking fellow with a briefcase, pleasant disposition -- and, oh yes, a penchant for killing people with blunt objects. (sorry, doesn't ring a bell - ed). Richard Hillman was a bona fide psychopath. He was a con man who swindled a number of people (including Jack & Vera) and single-handedly managed to downsize the population of Coronation Street. (Duggie & Maxine were among his unfortunate victims over a short space of time).

So how does the Tonester compare?

Yes, he's a ruthless businessman, a distinguished liar and certainly has a robust disregard for the law when it comes to endangered bats (Damn you, Roy Cropper), acquiring Kev's garage and manhandling Jed Stone's cat. But, so far, there are no bodies that we know of.

Tony could be responsible for Rosie's disappearance - but the last thing he told her was that she had a job if she kept her mouth shut. Tony could have roughed up Jed Stone - but he didn't lay a finger on him, just watched him have a heart attack and delayed calling 999 (Canadians please subtract 88). Tony could have pushed Liam over a ledge and easily killed the hapless hunk - but instead he asks Liam to be his best man (a fate worse than death -ed). What's the grand plan? Force Liam to wear a custom-tailored kilt at the wedding? (Oh God, not that).

Of course, it's early days yet and Tony, seething with rage, jealously and greed, could well turn out to be a violent killer. I'm certainly no lawyer and I'm not trying to defend him (I hear Maya Sharma is available - ed) But so far the evidence seems far from conclusive and that's probably a good thing. One Richard Hillman is enough.


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