Tuesday, July 21, 2009

the webster web

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the July 20 episode on CBC

Rosie Webster's disappearance is making waves up and down Coronation Street and the best part is how the story interconnects with so many characters in different ways. In fact, almost everyone seems to getting involved in one way or another.

Kevin and Sally are astounded to read Rosie's bank statement (must be the exorbitant service fees - ed) and the police are hot on the trail of the £25,000.

Sophie is royally teed off because her paernts are obsessed with Rosie. Rita gets into the act telling Sophie, "I always thought you had a bit more about you."

The factory crew are livid because they believe Rosie has ripped them off and absconded off with their lottery winnings - after all they've done for her. "How does the Weatherfield Barbie repay me?" says Sean.

The investigation into the $25,000 is making Janice increasingly antsy and she is now getting cold feet about the whole plan with Leanne.

Leanne is in a spot of bother because she committed to give/lend her share of the money to Dan to buy the bookies.

Meanwhile, far from the Street, in an undisclosed luxury spa, Tony is making Richard Hillman look like Mr. Dressup as he unveils a creepy plan for the weekend (full body massage with a loofa brush and a Brazilian wax? - ed). He regales Carla, Liam and Maria with a humourous story about how a female employee betrayed him by having an extramarital affair with a competitor - so he had the competitor beaten senseless, broke up the guy's marriage, bought his company for a song and fired the female employee. (Funny story but I guess you had to be there).

That's just the start. Then it's time for "a chat between two guys" says Tony. Hmm. Let's see: Liam and Tony, mano-a- mcmano, off for a brisk walk to a place where there is a very large sign which reads 'DANGER'. What could possibly go wrong?

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  1. Hi Corrie, I too have thought of Richard Hillman when watching Tony. I hope this is not a rerun. Mary