Tuesday, September 8, 2009

grrrreat to be back

no spoilers were used in the preparation of this post

To paraphrase Becky Granger, it is indeed grrrreat to be back, after a restful weekend, to reveal the answers to the first ever Blanche's Polish Hip Quiz. Needless to say, were inundated with entry. Thanks to all for taking the time to play along and submit answers. We even have a winner, anonymous, who demonstrated great resourcefulness, knowledge and speed in answering all the questions except one correctly. It reminds me of something Malcolm Muggeridge once said on BBC 1 (for pity's sake, get on with it - ed)... without further ado, the answers:

1. Name the only character on the Street who regularly called Dev by his full first name (Devendra) ?
Answer: There may be other characters who have occasionally called Dev by his full first name but the one who most readily comes to mind is Fred Elliot (I say, Fred Elliot). Gentleman, businessman and friend to Dev who regularly called him 'Devendra' as he ordered a Scotch and Threat in the Rovers. Fred is sorely missed on the Street, not only by Ashley but by all of us who appreciated his wisdom and his follies (particularly when it came to love and marriage).

2. There have been at least two types of winged creatures living on Coronation Street at various times. What are they?
Answer: Jack Duckworth's pigeons and Roy Cropper's endangered bats. For the record, I believe that the bats are no longer living on the street, having been evicted (along with Jed Stone) by the one and only Tony Gordon. Mind you, I'm sure if Tony thought he could make a bob by converting Jack's pigeon house, he would find a way to evict the birds, make fancy condos and call it 'Dovecote Court'.

3. David Platt is to Graeme, as Deirdre Barlow is to ______ ?

Answer: Jackie Dobbs. When Deirdre was sentenced to jail time for fraud (after she got mixed up with a bigamist faux pilot - don't ask), she shared a cell with Jackie Dobbs. (Jackie is Tyrone's mum). David Platt, while enjoying the hospitality of Her Majesty's Juvenile Detention centre, shared a cell/room with Graeme, the arsonist. Interestingly, both cellmates went on to reappear as regular characters on the Street (Jackie is now gone, but Graeme is kipping on Gail's couch).

4. There are at least three denizens of the street who go for walks on all fours (probably more after closing time in the Rovers). What are their names?
Answer: Coronation Street's lovable four-legged canine friends include: Eccles (who lives with the Barlows), Schmeichel (who lives with Chesney) and Ozzy (who lives with Maria). I had completely forgotten about Monica, who lives with Tyrone. Mea culpa.

5. Can you name two distinct Polish 'presences' on the Street? (this is a bit of a trick question but I know you can do it)
Answer: That would be Vickie, the Underworld employee who hails from Poland and, of course, the artficial hip in Blanche which also hails from Poland.

Bonus question: we were unfortunate enough to witness the hapless trio of David, Tina and Graeme ripping out the Windasses' new kitchen. Interestingly, this is not the first time that work done by a contractor has been unceremoniously removed due to a billing dispute. Can you remember another instance?

Answer: It was a dispute between lovable tightwad Keith Appleyard (Craig's grandad - you remember Craig the goth, boyfriend of Rosie) and cowboy contractor Charlie Stubbs. Keith refused to pay the exorbitant bill for the repair of his roof and Charlie retaliated by having the newly-installed tiles removed.

Thanks to all who played along. Once again, congratulations to Anonymous for a near-perfect score. I'm awarding you an imaginary trophy, an imaginary box of chocs from the Kabin and a virtual pint of Newton and Ridley's best bitter. Back to regular Street business tomorrow...

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