Friday, September 4, 2009

let's get quizzical

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the September 3 episode on CBC

In honour of Hailey's bittersweet return to Coronation Street (what's on her mind, anyway?), Blanche's Polish Hip is proud to present a quiz. Since this is based primarily on my unreliable brain cells and fading memories (what else is new? - ed), I hope these questions make sense. I will reveal the answers after the labour day weekend (in next Tuesday's post). So, without further ado, here goes:

1. Name the only character on the Street who regularly called Dev by his full first name (Devendra) ?

2. There have been at least two types of winged creatures living on Coronation Street at various times. What are they?

3. (Here's one straight from an LSAT test). David Platt is to Graeme, as Deirdre Barlow is to ______ ?

4. There are at least three denizens of the street who go for walks on all fours (probably more after closing time in the Rovers). What are their names?

5. Can you name two distinct Polish 'presences' on the Street? (this is a bit of a trick question but I know you can do it)

Bonus question: we were unfortunate enough to witness the hapless trio of David, Tina and Graeme ripping out the Windasses' new kitchen (you know you're in trouble when David Platt is the most reasonable person in your peer group). Interestingly, this is not the first time that work done by a contractor has been unceremoniously removed due to a billing dispute. Can you remember another instance?


Good luck and enjoy. Hope you also enjoy tonight's episode and/or the Sunday omnibus edition (I believe there's more of the show in the Sunday edition because fewer commercials are inserted). Have a great long weekend and come back and visit on Tuesday.


  1. I'll take a stab at your quiz!

    1. Danny Baldwin, but I'm not certain.
    2. Bird and Bat.
    3. Don't know who her cell mate was, I wasn't a viewer then
    4. Schmeichel, Ozzie, Eccles. Is Tyrone's dog Monica still around?
    5. Wiki and Blanche's hip!

    Bonus- When Charlie Stubbs undid the roof repairs on the Harris' house, prompting a dispute with Keith and Craig.

    Thanks for this, it was fun!

  2. I want to change my answer for #1! Wasn't it Fred Elliott?

  3. I think #1 is Norris

  4. Hi Corrie Heart,
    1. Fred
    2. Pigeons and bats
    3. Tyrone's mom
    4. Schmickael, Ozzie, Eccles
    5. Wiki & Blanche's hip
    Very clever, Corrie. All will be revealed soon? Mary