Thursday, September 10, 2009

how swede it is

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the September 8/9 episode on CBC

Well, the astonishing news hasn't quite sunk in but, as viewers know by now, Hayley Cropper went to Africa, helped build a school -- and fell in love with a Swede (Holy Sensible Volvo! - ed). Of course, she is now able to put all this in perspective. Far from being a charismatic love-god, the object of her affection (code name: Olaf) was described by Hales herself as a "rather ridiculous man with a guitar and Swedish folk songs whom we all treated as some kind of saint". Roy, in his infinite wisdom, takes this all in stride. "I'm sure there's a Swedish folk song which says 'you don't throw out the person you love'," he says gallantly.

No, but we can write one. Or, at least, change the words to a famous Swedish 'folk' song to suit the occasion. Let's see... how about 'Mamma Mia'? Cue the music and everyone sing along (except Pierce Brosnan - ed). With apologies to ABBA, here goes:

(to the tune of 'Mamma Mia')

I went to Africa just to build a new school
I fell for a cool Swede, now I feel like a fool
Look at me now, will I ever learn?
I don't even want to go back to Underworld
Or skive with the factory girls
Just one look and I can hear a guitar
One more look at Olaf under the stars, w-o-o-o-oh

Hayley Cropper, there you go again
My my, how could you forget Roy?
Hayley Cropper, and it shows again
My my, Olaf's just a boy toy
Yes, you've been rather silly
He had it off with Tilly
Why, why did you ever leave the caf?
Hayley Cropper, please don't make me laff
Roy, Roy. so much better than Olaf

(Yes, I know, I know -- don't quit your day job)


shots from the hip... another day, another entry in the BPH quiz with all correct answers.. congratulations and thanks for the comments...

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  1. Very cute, Corrie, And I love me my ABBA.
    I missed the reference to Pierce. Can he not sing? That's all right in my book...I'll just look. Very happily. :) M.